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Favourite vineyard photos


@robert_mcintosh 's post in the Haro thread shared some lovely vineyard [photos]
(https://www.flickr.com/search/?sort=date-taken-desc&safe_search=1&tags=rioja&user_id=36477443%40N06&view_all=1) and knowing we have some well travelled posters here, I thought it would be interesting to share other favourite vineyard vistas you may have captured on your travels.

Here’s one to get started…

The view is taken from a vineyard high above Gigondas in the Rhone valley, with Les Dentelles de Montmirail to the right and Mount Ventoux in the distance. I think the vines are likely to be Grenache :wine_glass:


No such collection could be complete without a picture from the Douro (I have loads of these too):


Everyone loves Douro photos :smiley:


The view from Rippon winery, Wanaka, NZ South Island, December 2017. Beautiful scenery, lovely wines. It must be a special view if it can make one of my photos look good, they are usually rubbish.


OK, this isn’t actually one of my photos, but this is a picture of Ridgeview Vineyard, in Ditchling, Sussex- which I love, and which is about 15 minutes drive from my house. Such a beautiful place, and so very English…
Ridgeview vineyard Ditchling


But its not raining and there aren’t any queues? :smiley:


Ah, yes! You got a point :smile:
I guess it’s the undulating Sussex hills and the sharp colours I was thinking about… Originally from the dusty Middle East, the English colours always seemed to me to be intense and in sharp focus. Either that, or I’m a hopeless romantic! :roll_eyes:


The view from La Morra in the Langhe, September 2015. Just a lovely part of the world!


… and this rather bleak shot is from Avize, in Champagne, December 2015. Our most frequently visited wine-producing area, but for the product rather than the scenery!


Here is a photoshoot I did for Lay&Wheeler in Burgundy last summer. I also just got back from another photoshoot in the Langhe but I will have to wait before I can share those images:



And a favourite from another job in Burgundy a while back:


A view of Hermitage, with the chapel just visible at the top…

and from the top with the chapel overlooking Tain L’Hermitage and the Rhone.

The vines to the left are Marsanne and the plot is Chapoutier’s Ermite…



2017 harvest at Squerryes, Westerham. Pinot Noir !
Looking forward to drinking some in about 4 years.


Not suprising this is a popular area for photography, an old scan from Monforte d’Alba.



How about this one … I challenge you to guess what country it was taken in :slight_smile:


Almost looks like the Anti-Lebanon mountains in the background…?


Good guess, but not Lebanon :slight_smile:


Moroccan vineyards?


Georgia, perhaps?.. The mountains in the background are awesome!


I second Georgia :georgia: :+1: