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Favourite vineyard photos


Yeah, the way they come rising out of the plain reminded me of this:


Morocco and Georgia are also really good guesses, but not right

Interesting you’ve all gone ‘far’ - not saying it is wrong, just wondering what gives that impression? The mountains?


La Geria, in Lanzarote this February.


Oooh! Where is this? Looks like Lebanon…?


Is it Greece? Maybe one of the islands?


Yep! Up in Zahlé. I made Beirut my home for about a year and a half. A lot of scenery for such a small country :lebanon:


Interesting guess, but a bigger place than a Greek Island! In fact I’ve never been to Greece (unfortunately), and those are some photos I would LOVE to get one day


Ah! I’m originally from neighboring Israel, but perhaps the less said about this - the better! :neutral_face:


If it was greener I might have guessed Austria… how about Bulgaria?


Thanks @Herbster, @szaki1974, @Inbar, @Leah & @ChrisB - I hadn’t expected so many guesses or almost-correct answers. Well done!

In fact, it is Turkey

The photo is taken in one of Kavaklidere’s vineyards when I was there in 2012.

I can’t recall the name of the mountain range there, but they are just south of Izmir.

I expected all sorts of industrialised, HUGE vineyards, but as you can see, there’s even some terracing here. Very interesting


Aha! I wondered about Turkey, but only after so many others had been eliminated. Looks stunning.

Not at all! :sunglasses: Think of all the hummus you have in common! I’ve never been to Israel, but I imagine the landscape is similarly dramatic.


Back on topic, it’s Llanerch Vineyard, near Pontyclun. The row of trees was planted to shield the vines from the harsh Welsh elements:


oooh! That reminds me … and at the risk of getting annoying, I bet no-one would guess where these ‘remote’ English vineyards are located?


Cornwall, perhaps…? :thinking: or is that too obvious?!


I was thinking either Cornwall…or something radical like Yorkshire!


Not Cornwall (good guess) - and not Yorkshire

even more remote!!!


Ha ha, indeed - Hummus! And so much more in common, it’s terribly sad things are always so tense in that part of the world :anguished: on the plus side, there’s some gorgeous wine in Israel, though it’s certainly not on the map in a way the Lebanese wine is. Maybe one day…! :crossed_fingers:


Isles of Scilly?


Well done young man!!!

Yes, the smallest, most remote vineyard you can imagine in the UK. On the island of St. Martins in the Scilly Isles. They make small amounts of a couple of different wines.

Edit: Here’s the link to the winery

The hedges on either side of this are built to protect the flowers they usually grow here from the terrible Atlantic storms. But BOY! This place is beautiful!


Wow!! That is one gorgeous photo…! And quite amazing to think that wine is being produced there! Then again, a Swedish friend was recently telling me about the budding wine industry in Sweden, so (almost) anything can happen! :grin: