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Favourite vineyard photos


Seems appropriate here to include something from Alsace.
Taken last October, above Andlau


Thanks Grandpa… your photo looks a bit Mediterranean so I hazarded a guess. Now I need to visit!


Not my photo, but one given to me by an intermediary, who was acting for a group of Languedoc vignerons…from memory I think this is one is part of Bertrand-Berge’s domaine…:wine_glass:



The Fitou is a splendid example of dark bramble fruit , with a vein of dry garrigue herbs with smooth liquoricey finish…:rose:


Could be several possibilities, try Corsica.

To late arggggg


Puzzle corner, and it is wine related, the picture below is of a cork oak, extremely rare in this country as a mature specimen, this one is in the garden of a house that gives its name to the vineyard that is alongside, name that vineyard.


Could it be Nyetimber in West Sussex?..


Hush Heath / Balfour?


Small clue ? it is one of the prettiest vineyards in the UK a sort of mini Moselle site !


I was thinking Sussex too, maybe Arun valley? Stopham or Wiston both have houses.



Further west…


No one…

It is Sharpham vineyard on the River Dart, I have a family interest as my cousin set the place up and was vineyard manager for a number of years, he is now a consultant and has set up several vineyards in the country, his background in crop management and soil selection coming from years in Australia and NZ.


Mas du Soleilla, la Clape…I used to import their wines…lovely Swiss couple, Peter and Christs Wildbolz.



The town of Grignan from Domaine de Montine.



Any guesses where this is ?image


Or this one (my wife and I lived in this appellation for two years). Should be a dead giveaway for some of you as it’s fairly close to places previous posters have snapped.


Hey missed you by a month and a year, there in Nov 16. Stunning views.




About the correct distance South but further West.


I went looking for a beautiful Tuscan vineyard to post and realised I don’t actually find vineyards beautiful at all. Row upon row of uniform plants, taking up space that would otherwise be rolling hills or filled with trees or flowers. I find them rather dull, especially in the winter. Of course all this can be tolerated for the end product :wink: