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Favourite vineyard photos


Still no guesses! :sleeping:


No, it’s not Yorkshire Tea being picked :blush:


Difficult because of lack of clues in the pic but, Jura?


As no takers It’s Pic St Loup. The mountain on the left - I’ve scrambled to the top on a few occasions. - gives its name to the appellation, the one on the right (l’Hortus) to one of the top domaines.


I will say South Africa, because of the bush vines… but within that I would struggle.


Answer tomorrow Fred but at least you’re in the right country, and not too far from region…clue…listed in TWS :innocent::rose::wine_glass:


In that case I’ll go for Alsace & Lorraine.


Too far north and east…@FredM


In that case, Bourgogne.


@FredM @Tom @szaki1974



This is one of my favourites. Arles, you see:


Okay, here’s mine. They do a lovely tour of the cellars, although I went often enough for the guides to start recognising me and wondering if I was just there for the post-tour tasting…

These are just a few rows of vines that line the winery’s driveway - most of their vineyards are elsewhere nearby.


That’s a lovely one, @Herbster! Love the tall trees against the vines!:evergreen_tree: where is it (or are we supposed to guess)??


Ah, sorry, the name of the winery’s not quite in shot! Here it is:

Stunning part of the world. When look down upon the Bekaa you get the true sense of what it actually is: not a valley in the regular sense, more of a plateau between two mountain ranges - the top, top end of the Great Rift Valley. Also, a great escape from the heat and haze of Beirut.


My god! I would never have guessed this was in Lebanon! And Ksara, too… It’s easy to forget just how varied Middle Eastern geography can be :slight_smile: clearly I lived away from it for too long… This is one lovely photo! :wink:



It’s a stunning country, an awful lot of scenery packed into a small space: Byblos, the cedars, Jeita Grotto, the Qadisha Valley, Baalbek…I could waffle on forever. More than anything, I loved the sense of ancient history in the Middle East - it just made Europe seem so new in comparison…!


Who makes wine from these grapes ?



Ha ha! Yes… On one of his first visits to Jerusalem my husband said “I understand ‘as old as the hills’ now!”… You really do get a sense of ancient history in the Middle East. Must be just the same feeling in Lebanon :slight_smile:


Is that DRC by any chance?


No it has nothing to do with overtaking in F1