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Favourite vineyard photos


Makes you want to enter that door & start eating raw berries while they are not looking


Not quite as special as Romanee Conti !!!


It is Burgundy though?


Is it le Clos - as in Clos de Vougeot?


Looks remakably like my avatar, standing outside the entrance to Le Montrachet…but it isn’t as Montrachet doesn’t have a lintel across the top of the entrance.
Nor does Clos Vougeot, Chevalier Montrachet does have a top lintel but it is not that either, we are mostly supposing it is in Burgundy, it is probably somewhere completely different !


Utes…but not really posh Burgundy.


It is Givry…part of the Janny holding. I’ve not had the Giry but he does make extremely good Maconnais esp St Veran (Merloix)


Alsace, 2013. On a 45 deg. slope. After all the pretty pictures (which were great btw) it’s a reminder of the backbreaking work that is undertaken. There’s no need for gyms in Colmar.


Just reflecting on that Alsace picture a little more.
We, who taste and critique the wines, in relative comfort (assumption, I know) often forget the amount of physically hard graft that’s needed in the vineyards and the cellar. And all to produce something we eulogise about.
A good read on this is Richard Bray’s book ‘Salt and Old Vines’, about wine making in Roussillon. It brought home to me how tough and lacking in glamour wine-making can be.
Perhaps there should be a thread of photos showing this aspect, Robert?


Thought I’d bump this one back into view, as we’ve had so many new members since March, who knows what lovely vineyard pics (and related stories) we still have to add.

Me, I’m all out, unless this one counts…?

Prettiest hotel I’ve ever stayed in.


Ok, I’ll play - where’s this?


Gosh! hard to place… somewhere in NZ?..

These are from my most recent visit in September- Albourne Estate in West Sussex. Very angry English sky to match! :slight_smile:


No not New Zealand…


Ooh, that’s lovely but I have no idea! Portugal maybe?

Here’s my most recent vineyard visit - Bulgaria! :slight_smile:


Thought I’d posted some of these up before but can’t find them in the thread so here goes:

Our small but perfectly formed Gite on the Hermitage hillside and a couple of visits in NZ. The NZ pics don’t show the vineyards in all their glory due to the time of year but all three were wonderful experiences


No not Portugal but correct Hemisphere!


Oooh! where was that…? :thinking:


Is it Croatia?


Italian Lakes?


No. Quite a bit further west…