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Favourite vineyard photos


British Columbia per chance?


Yes. Okanagan Valley


Ah! a gorgeous spot!
There’s a lovely photo of a vineyard in the Oakangan Valley under snow in this month’s Decanter.


No prizes for guessing where this was taken a few weeks ago…


There are some steep terraced vineyards in the world … not much machine harvesting in these parts!

For thoise who wish to know, these are the terraces of chasselas that go into Henri Badoux’s Aigle Les Murailles. The vines are alongside the Route des Ormonts heading from Aigle up and east towards Leysin / Col des Mosses / Les Diablerets.


One of my favorite vineyard photos.


This is the Abtsberg at Maximin Grunhauser, that has supplied me with many a good bottle of Riesling over the years.


Have loved looking at all the great photos - takes me to happy places :relaxed:

for me its these -

They mean I’m on holiday…Ch Fourcas Dupree in Listrac Medoc - the owners have become friends and always leave a nice bootle or two for us - was a 2000 and a 2005 this year.

and this is my cheeky pic…my son saying “dad, I’ll distract them and you go and get some grapes” - i’ve been lucky enough to taste here…he wants to…and i’m sure he will one day…but where is it ??


Looks like Latour to me!


A lovely little boutique hotel in the Old City of Aleppo in 2010, a converted khan, just off the main souq. I went from Istanbul to Beirut overland and spent four days each in Aleppo and Damascus. Tourism was just - just - starting to take off, and little hotels like this were starting to appear. The friendliest people I’ve ever encountered, hands down.

The photo was taken in June, and someone told me that the under-ripe grapes were often used at that time of year in cooking, I guess for that hit of sourness.

I do treasure my photos of Syria, especially of Aleppo.


I bet you do! This had actually made me quite sad… Aleppo (or Chaleb, as we call it our way) was such a cultural centre, and by all accounts a beautiful city (I’ve never been, for obvious reasons, but knew quite a few Jewish people originally from there). The best pistachios come from there, and their Baklawas are also unbeatable!
Big sigh :pensive:



A couple more from my summer hols. The first one is self explanatory…

And this one has vineyards just behind the town buildings which are in Collioure AOC…


it most certainly is…can even see the Gironde in the pic


Oh yes, I still have the bag!


Ha ha! That raised a smile :blush: the bag is saying ‘beautiful pistachio of Haleb’ - and who could argue with that?!..
I really fancy some now!


I was going to include this photo in my piece on the Cinque Terre, but I didn’t because the quality was poor, it was taken from a boat at some distance in the days before image stabilisation.
I always wanted a good version of this as it was quite evocative, showing as it does an old abandoned vineyard, yet it comes across as something sad but beautiful.
I don’t know what anyone else thinks.


What a beautiful picture @cerberus


I think that is a really intriguing picture cerberus. Looks a bit like a fantasy building with earth-tremour waves radiating from it.
Here is a picture from Australia taken about five years ago. I hope someone can identify it because I can’t remember which winery it was. I know it was in the Hunter Valley New South Wales region. Pretty small, bestoke but top quality. We visited so many and my sister had volunteered to drive so… errrm… I forget. Sorry.

I mean, what is that metal knight doing on stilts? I think this must have been quite late in the day :shushing_face:


No guesses for what vineyard this pic is of!

Of course you can currently buy this Vineyard’s Base Pinot Noir from the Society

Another vineyard from the same region but this is the oldest and picturesque in its own way, Craigie Knowe Vineyard in Cranbrook, Tasmania.


This is a fun thread, getting me very excited for this weekend’s trip!

From the last one — any guesses?