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Favourite vineyard photos


This is brilliant :rofl::joy:


Got to admire the enthusiasm. I’d imagine there would be similar photos of myself, were I to visit


Jut spoke to the friends who we visited with and said i’d put the pic up…one of them came clean - they had taken a pic and DS had been watching what they were doing.

Moral - don’t show an 8 yr old anything, they remember ! apart from to flush the toilet, brush their teeth, do their homework…


That is a truly epic photo! :joy: Extra points for him managing to email a copy so you can keep it forever! :grin:


…and the wine is delicious (also love the label, with the lizard that roams these walls). The Swiss chain of Co-op stores generally has it in stock and often has 20 per cent discount offers, making the price closer to a more palatable 16 Swiss francs. Worth stopping for if driving though, imho…


Didn’t spot this one before! I love the way alpine vineyards like this have strategically placed winches scattered around for hauling stuff up and down those slopes. On the plus side just think of the sun a south facing slope like that would receive!