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Favourite wine (or food) related books?


There isn’t one !

And before anyone jumps on me saying how wonderful the book is, it has had conflicting reviews and opinions from different quarters, for me it was simply so repetitive that in the end I didn’t care whether she qualified or not, they all seemed to be on planet zog, that of course is just my opinion.


Apologies for the delay in replying (I was traveling) - thank you all for all these suggestions; they look fantastic! This forum is such a wealth of knowledge!


Hi Meghan. I’m reading Alan Tardi’s ‘Romancing the Vine’ which is about his experiences learning to make wine in the Barolo region, where I’ve just been on a wine tour.

It’s a very evocative read, although he does over use the analogy of sex; he’s clearly a passionate sort of chap.

Best wishes.


Agree with this. I still go back to it time and again…


Ooh, thanks for the continued suggestions, Mark and Scott!


I’m also reading Cork Dork. Guessing that @cerberus remarks are aimed at this. And he’s right, but nevertheless a good read, if at times heavy going. And these US sommeliers are on a different planet to the rest of us.


Not sure if you’ve read it (the book , or the review) but here’s an excellent review by @Tamlyn of Steven Spurrier’s new book Wine - A Way of Life: (just been made Free For All)


However, by the sounds of it, might be worth waiting for the Second Edition (after a radical editing job)


Thank you so much.
My previous copy of The Oxford Companion to Wine lent out and not returned.
I just went to Ebay and bought it for £4.60 including postage. (last one at £4.60, sorry!!)
So happy, I made a small donation to todays charity.
I also got a few Nectar points and a few pence from TopCashback for my purchase!!
This is no 50 page tome, rather if one dropped it - one’s foot would face some serious damage.
So the postage charge might be prodigious but as inclusive, terrific value.


Thanks for this recommendation - I found a very good hardback copy on Abe Books at a ridiculously low price & I’m really enjoying it.


You’re welcome.


Just received my BRAND NEW book on Orange wines


I would add The Drunken Botanist (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/1604694769) for another good read along with The Billionaires Vinegar and pretty much any of Oz Clarke’s books.


My copy of “Amber Revolution” has just arrived too, so that’s going to be my next read on the wine book front.

Also to report that I read “Cork Dork” whilst away on holiday and rather enjoyed it - her asides on the science are actually helpful, though the descriptions of the high-rollers of the American wine scene and the paulée excesses just confirm my prejudices about them. :japanese_ogre:


Whilst sifting thru’ my wine book library, I came across this outstanding volume…The French Kitchen by Joanne Harris ( of Chocolat fame) and Fran Warde. Terrific recipes and some excellent photos…Pissaladiere, Frisée aux Lardons, Tapenade, Sausage and lentil Casserole …to name a few that I could demolish right now…loads more Fish ,Poultry and Meat dishes.


Feel free to post some recipes on the recipe thread :smile:


Will do ! Any requests ?


Is there a magret de canard recipe? I have three versions, so will be interested to see what theirs is…?


Tapenade recipe under the Dips Topic would be great thanks, especially if they have a Vert and Noir . I LOVE a good dip :wink:


How’s the eyesight Inbar ?


Alas! not what it used to be :wink: But thanks- this looks good! I’ll use the other half’s magnifying glass. I knew there’d be a use for it some day… :+1: