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Favourite wine (or food) related books?


Oz Clarke for me too. Love his writing style which reflects both his energy and enthusiasm.

My absolute favourite is his New Classic Wines which I bought at a signing (and tasting) at Waterstones in Cardiff back in 1991.

It is responsible for my love of Musar and I am sure on a sub conscious level my recent purchase of the Au Bon Climat case from the Wine Society.

The book covers an amazing range of wine making pioneers of the 80s and 90s and some from earlier (Max Schubert and Serge Hochar naturally).

Sad that a number have now passed away but wonderful that their wines live on!



Actually - you are right. My brother-in-law is a Breton farmer - and from what he says, Jefford’s argument do accord with the G.J. ideals. Except for the occupying of roundabouts and wanton destruction of posh shops.