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Fine Wine Inbetweeners offer



Just had an email alert for this interesting offer: Fine Wine Inbetweeners Offer

It would appear to be a sell off of very low stock wines before the next Fine Wine list is published. As best I can make out it’s likely that no two cases bought will be the same. I sorely interested in the ‘ready for cellaring’ one which merely states it will have at least two clarets and at least two Rhones with an ‘average saving of £50 per case’ so that’s around a 25% saving.

I really can’t justify spending more on wine but there again at over £8 a bottle saving and Bordeaux and Rhone are possibly my two favourite regions…


I’ll pass…
I am way too fussy about the wines I choose… :sweat_smile:


If you buy the ‘for cellaring’ case do you get to know after you’ve bought it, what you’ve bought, if it goes into reserves? Or is it a big secret until you draw it down?


Do you know, I wondered about that! Even though I don’t normally use reserves. A similar question is can we still get the tasting notes for the bottles?


I was thinking the same… the element of surprise makes this very tempting for me…


Me too. And lets not forget that based on their pricing and indicative saving we are talking about 6 wines at an average price of almost £42 each (it’s rare that I don’t like a wine at that price bracket) for just over £33 pounds each. That’s a pretty good deal however you look at it!

But that surprise is quite appealing too especially when I know that at least four of them are from two regions from which I rarely find wines I dislike!


Same here. Who’s going to take the plunge first and tell us all what they ended up with?


I am tempted if I can find out what’s in the case once purchased and put into reserves. Can one of our community members who are TWS staff advise?


I did buy some “mystery” cases from TWS a few years back but they were less opaque than this offer so they were themed “red burgundy” or “new world fine wine” so you did have some idea what you were getting. A bit of a gamble at the time (and the red burg did have two bottles of 2004) but they did have some decent wines in them and at around £120/6 were worth it if one was open-minded . However this offer seems quite expensive and much less compelling.


Your best bet would probably be to ask customer services with a live chat. I suspect they won’t know exactly what is going into your order until it is actually packed.

It’s funny how the mystery aspect upsets people a little and yet isn’t that exactly how the Wines Without Fuss and the Vintage Cellar Plans work?

I was tempted, and still am if I’m honest, but I really can’t afford it just now, which is a shame as the discount is larger than the usual TWS bin end discounts. I have unfortunately just had an unexpected £1000 bill on my van so feeling a touch under resourced just now.


But if the other two are wines one doesn’t want then any overall saving is worthless.

I’m with @ruifilipe


Well as I said, it’s really no different to the various TWS ‘plans’ and I frequently buy wines I’ve never tried before so I’m not adverse to the occasional surprise and the chance of being introduced to something new. However my issue is money! :frowning: :wink:


I’m not in those plans as I like to choose my own drinking.

As we’ve had a lifetime to taste wines, now we have wines we like, wines we are not keen on and wines we don’t drink so a case containing the latter is of no interest.


I like the mystery element of subscription. It gets you to try new things. I have found a good few favourites and been switched on to new regions and grapes through WWF. Being a bit lazy to explore under my own steam WWF helps keep you exploring.


I did the same. Some decent wines although one white burgundy suffered from premature oxidation. For me 25% off is not enough to justify the gamble this time.


Quite. I would also be willing to bet a pound that 2013 will figure in the selection. And forgoing the joy of staring at wine lists for hours by letting TWS select for you doesn’t do it for me.


Pity it’s boring old Bordeaux and Rhone. Otherwise I might just have gone for it (though it is annoying knowing there would be at least a couple of wines you wouldn’t buy at the reduced price).


I didn’t get this email, because I don’t fall into that profile in my purchases. Shouldn’t some offers of this type go out to all active members, as a way to possibly bring new members into the “fine wine” profile?

Obviously, I can see the offer because I’ve read this thread, but I’m thinking of the average member who receives mailings and emails but doesn’t participate in this online community.


I’m always happy to try out new stuff at the cheaper end, enjoying the Bulgarian range at the moment, but tend to be more fussy with fine wine purchases for obvious reasons. I am tempted though.


I agree the chance of this is not insignificant enough for me to actually take the plunge on this offer. Will save some money for the fine wine list. Not that you can actually purchase the wines that are included in the fine wine list.