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Fine Wine Inbetweeners offer



Good point, a couple of questionable vintages in the ‘10 - 15 years before that drinking window’ range. Give it a swerve and wait for the 2018 Riesling I think.


Has anybody ordered and willing to reveal what they got? :grin:


I think it is too much money to spend blind, so I will not order.


I took a gamble and ordered to go in to reserves, but they still haven’t updated ‘my wines’ to tell me what I got.

There is a review on the case, to quote some of Daniel: "I’d sum it up as one bottle excellent, one bottle a second wine of a first growth (overpriced for what it is), one a boring New World I’d never chose and the others fair to pricey for what they are AT FULL PRICE. I would buy 3 of the bottles, choosing myself, if at the right price. THE perk of this case is the price v the actual value, so I have absolutely no complaints (although WS, please note, bar the New World in mine, which I’d argue is not a fine wine); I paid £199 for £330 of wine at the current market value. "


Another review

“Sorry, but I cannot fork out £200 for six bottles of “something”. I have done it before now and been severely disappointed. You hope for a gem, of course, but end up with at least a couple of bottles of stuff the WS has been unable to sell. Why can’t they sell it? Because nobody wants it. Of course, if you enjoy lotteries then this one is probably one of the best you can go for, but I would advise paying for something you know, and continue supporting the WS that way.”


More of an opinion than a review really!

I’d take a punt if I had £200 spare at the moment. In fact I was tempted to even though I don’t!


Yes surprised this is allowed in a way, pointless ‘review’ if you didn’t actually try or buy the product. Reminds me of those Amazon reviews where people say ‘it hasn’t arrived yet but it looks really nice, 5*!’


I don’t think you can review a wine unless you have bought it.


Can’t see how that’s true, it’s posisble to go through the process fine on a wine I’ve never bought - TWS would have to check the buying history of everyone before publishing, I can’t imagine they are spending time doing that.

And it would be odd for a reviewer saying ‘I cannot fork out £200 for six bottles of “something”’ to have actually… forked out £200 for six bottles of “something”…


That’s what I thought, but as Tom suggests it seems it might not be the case?


I ‘review’ wines I haven’t bought all the time, so it’s certainly allowed. However I untick the public box and just put notes like “recommended by Tom” or something similar.


Maybe it’s selective. All those reviews are from people saying they wouldn’t buy it, bar two - the one quoted, and somebody else who pointed out the discount.

I submitted a review for a wine I hadn’t bought from TWS (a Taylor’s 40-y.o. tawny I bought in Portugal) but they must have checked as it wasn’t accepted.


Yes, I use the comments to leave a note to myself about why I have put a wine on the ‘wish list’. It would be nice if there was a specific place for this, as I don’t want to forget to untick the public box.


If anyone was planning to put this case in reserves, be aware that you will only know the contents when you withdraw.


Oh, that’s not so good! Doesn’t even go into ‘My Wines’ then I guess :frowning:

Well I really can’t justify any more purchases just now!


It does… as a mystery case. :slight_smile:


Oh! That’s useful! :frowning:


Still no info on what wines anyone has got?


Interesting mix!


I can see one Rhone and one Claret but wasn’t at least two of each promised?