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Fine Wine Inbetweeners offer



That is the laying down case. This is the drink now case.


Thanks, such a long time ago I’d forgotten there were two cases


The Bois Pointu was available at the Rhône tasting this year. It is a nice wine but was never worth its shelf price - probably holds its own as part of a mixed case at that price point.


And looking online there appear to be some very variable mixes, with some people getting what they have calculated as less than £149 in value in their case.


Where did you see this?


Customer reviews


Another Fine Wine Inbetweeners offer. I have gone for some of the Huets and US pinots.


3 of the 2009 Kanonkop Pinotage & 2 of the ABC Pinot for delivery, the 2017 Wirsching case to reserves. I’m a very, very bad man with a complete lack of willpower…:disappointed_relieved::rofl:


Not much of interest, IMO. Would quite like to try the Wirschings but don’t want two of each. And bought the 15 Kanonkop for about £21 (I think) less than six months ago…


Had it not been the 2009 I wouldn’t have bothered either, but i have a well publicised addiction to 2009 wines as its my daughter’s birth year (so its a good excuse is what I’m really trying to say :slight_smile: )


I’m sure the 09 will be a pleasure - excellent vintage for this wine by all accounts!


I will wait a few more days (?) for the 2018 Wirsching case the 2017 I already bought last year.


Ah, that’s good to know, cheers. Bought my usual 3, 1 to drink, 2 to cellar - can’t really afford a case and if I only buy 1 I just know I’ll be going back for more…


I actually read your tasting notes on here before taking the plunge on the Wirsching case as its not a producer \ style I’m familiar with :wink:


Really? I take it that you don’t like Loire whites. Loire Vouvrays, along with German Rieslings are the best value white wines on the planet, in my humble opinion, and the 2017 vintage was a very good one for the Loire. I think that this is a great offer and I am really pleased to receive it.


While I would agree that there’s a lot of value in Loire wines in general, but I’m not sure how much I really see it in Huet at over £30 a bottle across the range - especially as I thought the wines were getting less reliable at some point during the regime change; perhaps others have tasted more recently and things have stabilized?

Of course the fact that a wine was less than half the price 10 years ago (well, I haven’t checked precise dates) is liable to affect my view of the value, despite knowing it shouldn’t.


I’ve had the odd stellar experience with Loire chenin, but also very many disappointing, prematurely oxidized and mushroomy wines. As such not prepared to shell out at ever mushrooming :slightly_smiling_face: prices. Friuli, Sicily, Jurancon, Galicia and probably quite a few others are giving me at least better VFM.

As regards German Riesling, you are probably right, but no one I drink with can tolerate residual sugar in a dry wine :roll_eyes:, and I find the dry ones too austere.


I really want to try those Huets, but the long drinking window/time to maturity puts me off. Will see if I can find some mature examples, and meanwhile keep ‘investing’ in wines I know I like.


You could always try this at £245 a bottle :scream:


Aged chenin is a wonderful thing, I’d be tempted if I was an oligarch!

I’ve nearly finished my 2015 Wirschings and would vouch for the wines. Franken wine is in general under-appreciated in the UK and Wirsching is one of the very best there.