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Future-proofing your Wine Society


I tend to think of the early Web browser Mosaic, and also the (considerably more obscure) system I once used for GIS programming.


Anecdotally the trend amongst myself and my friends (25-35 city dwellers) is less quantity but more focus on quality and a nebulous sense of ‘authenticity’ i.e a move away from things that seem mass produced.

Definitely a move away from generic lager and spirits, as well the cheaper/less interesting supermarket wine options.

People are more engaged in where what they consume comes from, and seem willing to pay up for a perceived higher quality product and just drink less of it.

Also agree with previously mentioned greater discretionary income for professionals in cities with no kids, and the writing off of things like home ownership.


This may be of interest to you, it gives a breakdown as to who is drinking both by age and region, and it does vary considerably re the regions, but there are some interesting facts in there if you can be bothered to trawl through.

and remember the WS in its quest to garner membership from other age groups has to take these facts into account, on the assumption that most city dwellers and other with disposable income have already gone upmarket that is a small part of the solution to wider sales.


CAMRA was founded in 1971 so the move away from the generic & mass produced happens in every generation, I think.


Very interesting discussion. Record sales, yet huge uncertainty about the future. Consolidation and acquisition are typically the ways firms end up pursuing. I can’t see TWS pursuing this path. Hence, the need to look very carefully at demographic trends and overall “crystal balling” your way into the future.