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Garnacha/Grenache tasting - and title - suggestions please


I’ve got a tasting coming up for my U3A group. This forum has been very helpful in the past for suggestions both of wines and punning titles.

I’m intending doing Garnacha/Grenache.
I’d like recommendations, especially for varietal red & white wines.

Also, my last two tastings were titled punning on book titles (Price & Prejudice and Of Splice and Men). I’m having trouble with this one - best I’ve come up with Game, Set and Grenache after the Len Deighton trilogy Game, Set & Match. You can do better!

January 2020 on The Community

I’ve mentioned before the David and Nadia swartland grenache we had at Christmas. It is totally atypical, very Burgundian.

I don’t know your budget but it’s good value at that price.


Katie Jones does a Grenache Gris which is around £13. Not currently available from TWS but found it here:
Are you also allowing Cannonau??


It’s not a book, and not quite a biblical quotation, but I quite like “Dust to Grenaches”

Edit: Well, actually there is a book “From Dust to Ashes: Cremation and the British Way of Death”, but I think it would be wise to rather emphasise the terroir aspects of the title :slight_smile:


Flair and Grenache?


I would recommend Thistledown wines imported by Alliance and made downunder by one of their directors, Giles Cooke MW.
We had a tasting of them locally, very good wines, made in a more terroir driven way from individual parcels etc. They are not the full on blockbusters you might expect.
Everything they had was good but I especially rated,
This Charming Man 2018, Clarendon McLaren vale
and She’s Electric 2018 Seaview McLaren vale

Both 100% Grenache. You can tell by the names that Giles is of a similar vintage to me.



Make it a belated 50th anniversary Woodstock hippy-themed wine tasting:

Crosby, Stills and Grenache



Or “Wishbone Grenache”


Dennis the Menace and Grenacher?



Yes! That’s made me put on Argus for the first time in years :+1:


As it’s a U3A tasting there’s no place for the Young!


Grenaches to grenaches…


Momento Grenache is superb. They also do a Grenache Gris. Marelise Niemann is an amazing winemaker. She used to be the winemaker at Beaumont before starting her own thing. She is a bit of a Grenache specialist.


How about Grenache Meantime?


B[quote=“DrEm, post:12, topic:6394, full:true”]
Grenaches to grenaches…

Or a variation on that ‘Grenache to Garnachas’


The Constant Garnacha?


Brimful of Garnacha?


No idea what your budget is but this is good at the cheaper end

As for a title, I’m thinking the U3A may well remember the 70s so how about Alone Again, (Garnachurally)



Thanks, and yes to Cannonau as it is a synonym of black Garnacha.
Re the G Gris - I’d like to have a G Grif I could get it at £13.50 but I’d have to add £9 delivery to the price .


Thanks, Russ

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a stockist for She’s Electric and it looks like Charming Man is only available in a six pack at £38 each.

@JayKay Thanks. Not only is it 100% Garnacha, and I can buy the one bottle I need form TWS but there’s no doubt it won’t burst the budget :slight_smile:

Thanks, @Jcbl. A bit pricy here. I’ve used several David & Nadia wines in previous tasting (that had a bigger budget than U3A), but I’m in the Cape winelands next month so I’ll try and get a bottle there. But if it’s ‘totally atypical’ is it a good example to have in a tasting of Garnacha?

@Andy999 - we’re young at heart :slight_smile:

There are some great puns above. Loving them! But can they be topped?