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Glasgow Wine Festival 29th June


I know there was some comment about this in a previous thread but I can’t find it! So…

Is anyone planning on going to the Glasgow Wine Festival on the 29th June? https://festival-of-wine.com/glasgow-wine-festival/

I know TWS will have a stand there but was wondering if any of the community will be going. I’m thinking of going and also attending the Chateau Ksara masterclass guided tasting https://festival-of-wine.com/glasgow-masterclasses-on-sale/ Might be nice to meet up with anyone attending.


I am not going this year, but I have in the past* (and to its predecessors)…

I don’t think you’ll regret it and I should get your tickets asap as I know previous years have quickly sold out - especially the Masterclasses which have a limited capacity.

(*Later edit - last time was in June 2016)


Have already done so because, as you say, it is known for selling out early. :smiley:


Might have to have an urgent and unavoidable excuse not to umpire that day…Trades Hall is a great venue too…


I’m booked in for that one Mike so look forward to seeing you on the 29th. I noticed that the Lebanese masterclass is now sold out.


I’m booked for the Edinburgh event in November, I’m not sure if the tickets are sold out yet but I know last year they were gone by June .


We’ll have to sort something out closer to the time!


I think I’d have preferred the Edinburgh one but I’ll not be able to make it as I’ll be in South England at that time.


I shall be at both the Weegie and the Reekie iterations, and look forward to seeing you all then!


@MarkC did you come up with an unavoidable excuse or will you be giving it a miss?

@JD1892 You still coming to Glasgow? I should be arriving at Queen’s Street around 12 and heading straight over the Trades Hall. Maybe we could meet at the TWS stand around 1300? I have the Lebanon masterclass thing at 1545.

Anyone else going to be there?


Sadly no, however I’ll be at the Edinburgh one in November :slight_smile:


Umpiring on Sat so no. Winter ones are better for me.


Hi Mike
I’m still going on Saturday. I Booked the Champagne tasting at 12.45 so we could meet up at 1.30 at TWS stand?

We’ll be thinking of you @MarkC, standing under that hot sun on Saturday afternoon ! :point_up:


See you there. We’re usually table 1 (immediately on the left as you come in).


Great stuff Ewan, looking forward to saying hello.


Cool will see you on the day at around 1330! And your good self @Ewan!


I am umpiring at Irvine, which is never warm. Much rather be at Nunholm - where I have been twice this year already.

Enjoy yourselves and raise a glass to me as I turn down the nth improbable lbw appeal…




Good to catch up with @JD1892 and @MikeFranklin in Glasgow today.


Wow! It’s looking busy in there… amazed you still got stamina, @ewan, after last night’s Bacchanalia! :wink:

Looking forward to hear of some favourite wines, Mike and Jim :clinking_glasses: