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Golden Wedding lunch wines


I thought you were only just finishing your '01’s?

I would have thought too tannic to drink without food?


I’d go with a cru southern Rhône rather than a Crozes - some people find cool climate Syrah too puckish and tannic. There are three I haven’t tried but might consider:

Perrin Peyre Blanche Cairanne at 10.95 - 4* JLL
Amadieu Cairanne at 11.95 - 16pts JR, 4* JLL
St Cosme Deux Albions CdR - which is all from hill villages around Vinsobres and Gigondas - 14.50 - 89.7 CT.

Certainly the St Cosme label has a bit of thud factor for any guests who know their wine!


I really like the Fess Parker Chardonnay and the Castel Serranova Negroamaro. For me, the Chardonnay is probably a bit too powerful for the plaice, and the Negroamaro is better suited for rich tomato-based dishes.

I like the following for white fish and steak. Normally, I’d go for the Society’s Exhibition Mendoza Malbec but it’s out of stock at the moment:


Thanks again guys


The Crasto is an excellent enjoyable wine.

A wine that was the outstanding success at a dinner and that we’ve thus chosen for some subsequent events is the

which appeals to both experienced and occasional wine drinkers and is rich enough for steak and is not tart.


Just in case you don’t have enough choices :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’d also consider either of these:

Bone dry with a mineral edge, would be great if the fish is not too rich (there is also an Etna blanco upgrade at £17.50 but not tried it).
And perennial favourite:

A bit more full-bodied but no oak so shouldn’t drown anything out.


Had a lot of the 01 :smiley:

But other people seem to drink it a lot younger. It’s not massively tannic in my experience, even when younger, though admittedly I haven’t had one that young.

Second the Ca dei Frati. Perennial fave.


You do seem to have an excess of choice, but just to throw a Claret into the mix, the Chateau Thieuley is excellent for the money, and might appeal to any traditionalists present.


Claret and steak?

A match made in heaven!


Second vote for the La Livinière Cuvée.

Also available in magnums… always adds to a sense of occasion imo.

Which could be matched with a muscadet, soave or picpoul(?).


Mega Bottles also available:


Well, that’s your answer then! Nothing beats the festivity of a big bottle. Though I imagine the grief of a corked big bottle is a potential downside. So better order several.

As with the champagne…


I’ll see if he’s up for the jero idea!


Let’s just say you need to decide extremely quickly if you want any jeris…


I’ve got 32 jeroboams in my basket. Are you planning a massive Minervois party?


It’s a nice idea, but I’d not recommend it.

It’s not clear how much this Jeroboam holds, equivalent of 4 bottles is a Jeroboam size in Champagne, 6 bottles in a Bordeaux Jeroboam. At £75 for a Jeroboam against £13.50 a bottle, its a bit cheaper than 6 bottles but an expensive way to get 4.

The time taken to pour it will frustrate those waiting; it will take 6 (or 4) times as long to pour than standard bottles.

I’ve been at an event where we had wine from Jeroboams. They need two people to hold and pour the wine.


Thanks, in the cold light of day I’m in complete agreement; I was full of Vatellina last night!



Actually, @peterm raises a good point about the capacity. Jeroboam can mean either 4 or 6 bottles, depending on which wine area it comes from. I’ve just spoken to the helpful people in customer services who confirm it is a 4-bottle deal for this one. So there is somewhat of a premium on it, which in my experience is to be expected.

Anyway, despite your reservations I shall continue to serve champagne (occasionally) from big bottles. On our last occasion, we successfully fired the cork over the hedge into the neighbour’s garden. Since the hedge is 9ft. tall, we rated that a success. In my experience, the conviviality of such big-bottle openings more than makes up for the slight extra wait for people to get their first glass.

And on the serving champagne from seriously big bottles, champagne bottles are always heavier than normal bottles, so the biggest are a real problem to handle. Though Champagne Drappier (who pride themselves on their range of grands formats) also have serving contraptions which look like small gun-carriages. I think you can hire one if you buy one of their big brutes. They have a sort of screw-thread arrangement that allows for a one-person service once the bottle is laid in the cradle part. Their biggest size is a 40-bottle monster.


I have a jero of Bollinger in my cellar waiting for NYE!


Have you booked the gun carriage?