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Grow Your Own Wine


Sorry, but they upped and moved to Oxfordshire 18 months ago!!
Ages ago, I was looking in the Museum of London, and there are a lot of references to vineyards…particularly in the Lea Valley where there are still vast areas of nurseries. Italians moved into this area and brought vines with them. I don’t think any are now functioning otherwse the Forty Hall Crew would have had their marketing challenged.
Peterborough also has a large Italian community…brickworks…and when I was working there in the `90s a group had formed a Coop and were producing wine from individual vines in back gardens and allotments. For their own consumption only, but I did taste some at a social occasion. If memory serves me well it could be what @laura is searching for as a food match for a Big Mac! I think I managed half a glass.


Have been pruning back the vine in my back garden, looks to be in the ‘buckshot berries’ stage - will try and count the bunches but I reckon I have too many for 1 vine!


An update on my nascent vines. Despite the snails, my Bacchus did flower when we were on holiday and now has two bunches of grapes. Yay! We all know small yield equals high quality, so at this rate i’ll be charging 1st growth prices for my Chateau La Taupe 2018!


Love it!

I took the advice and pruned the flowers on my vines this year but there are a few bunches growing on the vine in my parents garden


I walked past this today, the vine in this person’s garden as grown out and over a tree the other side of the fence! Quite a lot of bunches on it; the gardens by me aren’t very big so I dread to think how much of it has been taken over!