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Hello! :) Introduce yourself



I’m (also) Tom. Have always been an ale lover, but recently discovered wine (in large part through joining the WS) and now hardly drink anything else. I am currently having great fun filling in the large gaps in my basic knowledge. Favourite discoveries so far: Pinot Noir (from pretty much anywhere), Northern Rhone Syrah and Riesling (sweet-dry).


isn’t studying great!?

something we wouldn’t have dreamed we might say when we were younger!



Welcome all! Great to see you making your first posts!

Well this is great news! We have another whisky fan in @hugofount and it’s about time we had some more whisk(e)y-related topics here! :smile:


@tom I would suggest trying out the 16 year old blended - perhaps worth creating a Whisky topic though :slight_smile:


Very true. Am also finding that I spend at least as much time reading about wine as drinking it, which has turned out to be an unexpected bonus.


I always return to Rioja. But long ago I had an outstanding Pauillac at Barry’s White Horse, Chilgrove which was memorable. He had tastings of D’Yquem but I never managed one, unfortunately. However, on the occasion that one of his cellars was flooded and he was selling off unlabelled bottles, I picked up, for a pittance, a Grgrich Hills Chardonnay which was outstanding.


Why doesn’t the wine society run a series of courses? Either recreational or professional?


I’d need to ask for a more official answer re: professional courses etc but a couple of points that may be of interest:

  1. We’ve just started a series of Wine Confidence workshops as part of our Tastings & Events programme, focussing on improving wine knowledge in certain areas such as tasting wine etc. They’re taking place at Stevenage for now but I’m guessing if they’re popular they might get taken on the road.
  2. There’s quite a lot of wine guides on the website, from regions and styles to grape varieties and wine terms, and we’re constantly trying to improve the website so there may well be some more wine knowledge content on the horizon.

Aside from that I’m guessing we probably can’t/don’t see the point in competing with the likes of WSET in terms of professional courses, as they are so very good for all knowledge levels, but if you guys would like to see more educational events/content then keep telling us! :smiley:


Thanks laura…as suggested ages ago with @Tim_S done sort of guided tasting table even at the walkround events would be good. Say 20 minutes going through a handpicked selection of 3-4? Just be nice to have more interaction and get more of a social feel into the evening


There seems to be such an event, London only mind you…


thanks for spotting that! I must admit I have not gone through the list carefully enough and I had missed this. We have LOTS of new members who maybe don’t feel ready to post but want to learn more about wine, so this could be REALLY useful

I do hope that we can also show that this is a welcoming place and everyone, or every knowledge level, can post here.

I thought it was worth starting a new thread on this


For what it’s worth, as someone starting from a very low baseline, I have found the information on the website fantastically useful (for example the ‘Burgundy with reference to Bordeaux’ bit https://www.thewinesociety.com/guides-wine-regions-burgundy), so a big thank you to all involved in that. The Wine Confidence events sound great, hope they make it on tour.


Hi all. My name is Jon and I’ve been a member since 2009. I enjoy left bank Bordeaux that I can’t afford and northern Rhone that I can’t afford. Happily for me, I also enjoy most other wines, with a bias towards reds. Love Barsac etc. as well. Minor league glugger of single malts too.

I’m very interested in learning more about wine and to add some structure (see, a wine word already!), I intend to pursue the WSET courses when I get around to them.


:joy::joy: You are not alone, my friend!

If you’re looking to start WSET, you might enjoy this topic:

Welcome! :smiley:


Thanks Laura! I’ll take a look. Not sure if today’s delivery is going to reach me in Haywards Heath; never mind. :slightly_frowning_face:


Hiya Jon, I’m just going to DM you about your delivery! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, I’m Francesco, I live in London. I don’t work in the industry full time, but I organise tastings, educational events, wine holidays and do what I can… :slight_smile: I buy a lot of wine from The Wine Society, I love it!
At the moment I’m a WSET Diploma Student.
If you’re in London and interested in participating to my wine tastings, get in touch. I do it under the name Bucci’s Cellar (mostly active on instagram @bucciscellar).

I hope you don’t mind a little self promotion. Apologies if it’s not accepted here.


Not at all - a little background on members is perfectly fine - nice to have you participating here and sharing your expertise. Do you specialise in any area in particular? We’ve got great lovers of Rhone, Burgundy, Hungary and elsewhere, but I’m hoping that from the name you can bring some more Italian insights to this place :slight_smile:


Me too :wink: , but mostly it is okay. Sorry, I had to…



You got it right. Even though I love wines fro all over the World, I’m mostly prepared on Italian wine, above all Southern Italian. I particularly like Sicilian wines.