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Hello! :) Introduce yourself



Hi All,

I live just outside London and been a member for about 35 yrs. Just found out about this but what a great idea!

I am a wine enthusiast, not an expert and I do like a glass of wine.
Wide ranging taste’s but buy a fair amount en primeur which allows me to drink more expensive wine without thinking about the cost! (I paid for it years ago, and a selective memory). If I had to select favourites it would be white Burgundy and Red Claret but drink a fair bit of Italian, Spanish and new world Red and the occasional white. Very partial to Champagne as well. Try to match wine to food (Steak and Malbec, made in heaven) and mood.

Like to try different wines, just bought some Croatian white and some reds which are unknown to me, I’m sure that they will slip down very well.



Welcome, Stu! :smiley:
If you like to try different wines, have you heard about our next TWS Taste virtual tasting we’re doing here on March 29th at 8pm? We’ve chosen two wines from the Off The Beaten Track offer (a Georgian and Greek wine, which might complement your Croatian finds well) and we’re going to taste them together and share our thoughts. Feel free to join us!


Defies logic but I for one certainly recognise this approach!

You mention white Burgundy - a good bottle is such a thing of beauty. If you’ve not seen already, you might be interested in the AMA tomorrow with the buyer at 1:00.Have a look and get your questions in fast.


Thanks Dan,

I’m afraid work will get in the way!

Tomorrow evening in Fino’s in Mayfair though, some wonderful Rioja or Primitivo should be ample compensation! More work, honestly!



Hi all

New to this forum, relatively new to appreciating wine too

I live down in Kent and have been building a small collection over the last few years and learning as I go, which has been great fun. I joined the WS at Christmas and have nothing but praise for it all so far!

Currently my “cellar” (cabinets in outbuilding) reflects my tastes with plenty of good options to drink now and some nice ones that are laying down. Currently at around 150 bottles, I started fairly classic and have expanded my taste from there. Particular interests are Burgundy (r/w) but price is getting silly. Rhône ® is a real love, particularly North but anything really. Rieslings from anywhere fascinate me, especially Australia. Aussie reds also tend to be a hit. I’ve been lucky enough to visit some wonderful wineries in NZ - their Pinots and Chardonnay especially float my boat. Have been discovering California Zin lately as well

So in summary - mixed taste and loving finding out more all the time

Next stop is a trip to the Loire so I’m going to get reading up on that

When not collecting wine I love sports (biking, running, watching rugby), cooking and eating out. I get to do the latter quite a lot in my job as a Scientist turned Account Manager

But mainly I just love talking about wine :slight_smile:


Welcome @NickP! :smiley: Your cellar sounds very impressive.

Fantastic to see another restaurant fan here as there’s always people asking for recommendations so I bet you have a few great choices up your sleeve…

And we actually don’t have a Loire topic yet - I’m sure if you started one asking for recommendations you’d get lots of pointers before your trip. :smile: My personal fave Loire wine is Menetou-Salon for a slightly more modest-priced alternative to Sancerre.


That’s what I like about this forum! Where I live now, I can’t just walk into a wine merchant and talk geek like I used to, so this has rapidly become my outlet for that…!


Thanks for the welcome. Yes I’m a huge restaurant fan so always happy to provide a recommendation!

Might just start that Loire topic then. I do like a Menetou Salon but I’m also keen to find out more about Chenin Blanc - a grape I’ve yet to come to grips with

@Herbster - I could talk the hind legs off a wine merchant but often feel I’m wasting their time if I end up not buying anything!!


My name is Paul and I’ve been a member of the society for a long time. No wine expert but love talking about it and finding out about other people’s wine loves and recommendations.

I lived and worked abroad for many years, in a dry country so appreciate the availability of good wine the wine society has to offer.

Looking forward to joining in some chats in the future.



Welcome Paul (glad you are not a ‘bot’ after all!).

I can’t imagine living in a dry country - you are a brave (or patient) man! Hopefully we can help your ongoing recovery.

As a long-time member, do you have any favourites on the list that you’d be willing to share with newer members?


Welcome in :slight_smile: you have come to the right place for advice - there are lots of useful topics to help you find delicious wines and the community seems to be great at unearthing gems in the list.


Hi, my name is Ian.

I’ve been interested in wine since the early 80’s - my first EP purchases being 82’s including Grand Puy Lacoste and Cos d’Estournel. How good value those were. Both drinking brilliantly now.

Still have a reasonable amount of 80’s claret in my home “cellar” (Eurocave) of around 300 bottles. I stopped buying claret EP in the early 90’s following the collapse of a well-known merchant.

Started buying EP again after joining the WS about a decade ago. WS restored my confidence in EP. Today I have about another 200 bottles of wine ordered EP. Including a lot of 2016 Rhône.

These days I buy mainly Rhône, Oz Shiraz, NZ Pinot Noir, Rioja and a little White Burgundy, NZ SB and Champagne. Favourite estates discovered recently are Auntsfield (NZ) and Berton (Oz). Sadly neither stocked by WS - hint, hint…


Hello all.

I received a membership for my birthday today. From a wine perspective, I consider myself a committed amateur. Limited knowledge but I know some of what I like.

In the main I will be drinking red in the £10-£20 category with the occasional treat. Might start getting more adventurous with the whites as well once summer kicks in.

Any recommendations gratefully received :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Steve. Retired to Ludlow 13 years ago, to find hills after a lifetime in the flatlands of the East! Did WSET Cert in the olden days, now just enjoy exploring. Like TWS off the beaten track and unusual suggestions. Mainstream, like Picpoul and Merlot at the moment, but that might change next week. Like English/Welsh whites. Had sometime as a volunteer assisting with a National Trust productive vineyard…contract winemaker made for us.


Hello everyone. I’m Graham from Ilford in Essex, where I live with my wife. Our three children (triplets) are all grown up and leading exciting lives elsewhere.

I’ve enjoyed wine for nearly 50 years, I’m not sure exactly when it started. Maybe it was when a schoolfriend and I brewed a few experimental gallons of Carrot Wine in his cellar. I thought it tasted wonderful - and I still find myself searching for that taste with every new white wine I try! More likely it was our Sixth Form’s Cheese and Wine Society that really sparked my interest.

Later I joined a wine club at work. At each meeting, a local supplier would bring in a themed selection of wines for us to try in a tutored tasting. I tasted some superb wines at these tastings, and ordered a few bottles from time to time. However for the most part I remained a casual, occasional drinker throughout my working life.

On retiring five years ago I decided to pursue wine more seriously. My first thought was to take a course, but that was an expensive option and I wasn’t sure I would stick with it.

Then at the beginning of 2016 I discovered The Wine Society and ordered their Tasting Case to get me started.

In the two years since then I’ve steadily worked my way through more than a 160 different TWS wines (I’m the only wine drinker in our household). I may not have learned much yet, but I’ve certainly enjoyed trying!


I see you teach bellringing. That sounds awesome! Can anyone partake?


Oh yes! It takes a while to learn, but people start at any age: from ten years old right through to retirement age. There’s a lot of info on my website.

We are recruiting right now across the country for the Armistice 100 celebrations. On 11 November 2018, 100 years since Armistice, bells will ring out in unison from churches and cathedrals in villages, towns and cities across the country.


Another Ian here.

I registered for the online community last week, (though not a new Society member) but have just realised I hadn’t checked in here yet, so hello to all.

I first seriously caught the wine bug when at university, lo these many years ago. Now retired, I still love the stuff. Claret was the stuff that got me going, and I well remember lapping up Hugh Johnson’s evocative prose on the subject. Prices for the serious stuff have now gone through the roof so I no longer buy other than the odd bottle, but have consequently come to appreciate what other parts of the world have to offer. Not forgetting burgundy, but now that seems to have become the playground of the rich too. Ah well…

We both enjoy visiting the winegrowing areas when on holiday, which can open up surprising perspectives, as well as being great fun.


Hi Graham, the Armistice event sounds amazing and I’m pretty sure some of my family will be taking part. My sister’s a keen ringer and my brother in law took part in this mammoth endeavour last year:

Welcome to the community!


Thanks for the welcome, Bob - and for the link to that famous Alderney event. I remember reading about it last year. I’ve no idea how ringers have the stamina to ring for 16 hours (not to mention the other challenges involved!)