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Hello! :) Introduce yourself



Hi Ian and welcome to the community. Are you also composer, by any chance - or perhaps an early music fan?


Hi, and thanks. I’m not a composer but a singer, and renaissance polyphony is probably my alltime favourite - the name is a tribute to one of England’s finest masters of that genre.

Well - you know - you are faced with choosing something!

  • Ian


It’s a great choice of name in the circumstances! I too enjoy early music (and wine - sometimes at the same time!)




It was either @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis, @giving-it-the-Byrd or @funky-Gibbons


Where’s that long slow sigh emoji when you need it?


Hi! I’m Rob - I’ve been a member of the Society for about five years now and I get along to as many of the tastings in London as I can. I love all kinds of wine - but particularly Zinfandel, Right Bank Bordeaux, Gruner Veltliner and Champagne. My biggest struggle is finding somewhere to store it all - London flats aren’t designed with the serious wine drinker in mind!

I love reading and learning about wine and I’ve recently started running tastings for groups of friends - having the chance to introduce people to new wines (and having them help fund my own exploration!) is a lot of fun!


I’m sure I’ve seen an “I’ll get my coat” emoji somewhere …


Members’ reserves are your (not free, but cheaper than most alternatives) friend… :smiley:


@tom I make use of those when I can - but it’s not as convenient as a cellar would be!


@RobMcDonald, you need to find a friend with a cellar…:laughing:


I sing as well! Spem in Alium with 1 voice per part in Liverpool Street station was quite memorable…without wine…about 1992.


Oh, that must have been quite something! Did you do it as a flashmob type of event? - if so, did anyone manage to take a video of it?

Congratulations anyway.


I’d be very interested to see that too!


It was actually a fund raiser. Not flash mob and no video unfortunately. We also sang some Christmas carols !! It was the 90s after all.


Great rules - I shall do my best to comply!


I am Alex and I have been a member since last century! 1988 to be exact and its wonderful to see the Society grow and develop during that time - although less wonderful to see the EP prices. My wine tastes are particularly eclectic and I have been a member of the Vintage Cellar Plan on and off for some time. I have a particular interest in South African wines as a result of spending some part of every year in the Cape and look forward to posting (and learning) from other members.


Hi, I’m Chris. This is my post. I’ve been working with food for 25 years. As a chef, selling it retail and now wholesale. I love cheese, meat in all it’s wonderful incarnations and of course wine. I’ve done many cheese and wine tastings before in the capacity of a cheese pro, but never really delved into wine in detail before.

Not a huge whites drinker, but that’s because my taste tend to run expensive, while I am very easily placated with a Syrah or Bordeaux of some description. I like Pinot too. I love port too, but tend to prefer aged tawny’s or vintage.
Also just really started enjoying whisky too.

I support Spurs and Dulwich Hamlet FC. I live in the hipster capital of London, Peckham


Congratulations: New Member(s) of the Month

Hi! “Cheese pro”. Now that sounds like the kind of proper job I might aspire to!


Yep, I’ve definitely had worse jobs! :grinning:


Hi everyone.

My names is James and I’ve been interested in wine for a while now. It goes withough saying, I like drinking wine, but I also really enjoy learning about it. I passed the WSET level 3 course in 2016 and will be starting to study for the level 4 diploma in September - that’s going to take two years of wine drinking and learning - bliss!

I work in IT currently, but one day I’m hoping to work with wine in some way. not for a while yet though. I’m married, have two children (6 and 3) and live in Hampshire. Other than wine, I enjoy painting, all things food related and watch a fair amount of sci-fi TV series.

I live almost all styles of wines, but I guess I like lighter burgundy reds and crisp whites like Chablis. I also love sparkling wine, particularly Blanquette de Limoux - my parents lived in a small village outside of Limoux for about 10 years, so I was never short of a bottle.

I’m looking forward to being involved in this community!