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Hello! :) Introduce yourself




I’m Jeremy, I’ve been a WS member since some time in the 80’s. My interest in wine dates from around that time. I had quite a varied career (I’m recently retired) which ended up with a stint at the WSET (some more recent WSET qualification holders may be the proud owners of pieces of paper with my signature at the bottom).

My wine interests are wide but if pressed would have to confess to a Burgundy obsession…j



I live in SE London with my wife and two young kids. I’ve been a WS member for nearly 10 years.

My wine journey started in Spain and my first job post University. A client had a wine export business which ran into difficulty, so he paid us in rioja. That was my first wine eureka moment – prior to that wine was something I drank to get drunk more efficiently at University.

I then remember taking advantage of a 50% retailer discount on 12 bottles – doubling up on my normal price point for free. That was an experiment in quality which stuck with me, as did one of the bottles – Kanonkop, which I continue to buy and have since visited.

In terms of wine preferences, I can enjoy most varieties (aside from overly oaked chardonnay or sweeter whites) and am yet to focus on any one region or country with passion. I started out with a preference for New World and an inverted snobbery against French wine. This, as my WS reserves will attest, is firmly behind me as I experienced the joys of burgundy and mature claret, and the versatility of the Rhone.

I’ve been reassured reading the community that I’m not the only one who seems to purchase wine at a faster rate than I consume. I did the WS Vintage cellar plan several years back, but now much prefer to make my own decisions and started dabbling with EP a few years back. I find this almost as enjoyable as the actual drinking. The downside is I buy too much!


Welcome @Rodmunch - glad to have another SE Londoner amongst us!

Thanks for the wonderful profile - it really helps to get to know people and what topics they like when we learn about their ‘transformative’ wine stories :wink:

If you like EP, don’t forget to join the en_primeur group as you will find loads of conversations going on in there that don’t always hit the homepage :slight_smile:



I’m Dan, police officer (please don’t hold this against me!) and Hitchin resident. Coming from a beer drinking family over not really caught the wine bug properly until my mid-30s. I suppose I love the variety of styles, history and vast array of information when it comes to wine. I like beer but I find wine much more intriguing.

Big fan of the TWS website and have been lurking on this board for a few months. Both treasure triggers of info. I’m still very much a novice but I lean towards southern Rhone reds and have recently had my first foray into En Primeur!


Hi @DJDBarrett, welcome to the Community and I would think that members certainly would not hold anything against you being a police officer - most people appreciate what a tough job you guys do!
I think you will find the members on here very friendly and extremely helpful.


Welcome @DJDBarrett! I’m sure you’ll fit right in…


Hi Dan - I think we ‘communed’ on Twitter recently over that Lush fiasco! :wink: Good to see another Hitchiner on board. @woodap, among others, will be pleased to have company. Do give us the heads-up next time you’re in the showroom - would be good to meet.


Ewan, Steve, Jay,

Thanks for the welcome. Whilst known for some eclectic dancing I’m not yet aTV star!

Ewan, of the offer is there is love meet you sometime at the showroom, talk wine (basics!!) and tap into some of that knowledge. Maybe you could share some of your father’s professional tips! City of Glasgow then Herts right?


Edinburgh then Herts. Sure - DM me next time you’re in :slightly_smiling_face:


A good friend of mine was a solicitor.
He too had an invoice-satisfying challenged client and accepted wine in lieu.

From that stock he shared a '66 Pauillac with cold roast goose with us post Christmas sometime in the '90s. I kick myself that I didn’t note the Chateau!
While I was already a oenophile that was an eye opener. Up there with the top bottles I’ve ever had.


Hi Laura!

I’m Sorcha, founder and host of the popular Twitter chat #ukwinehour - we have quite a large wine loving community now and I’m delighted to say many of the participants in the chat are Wine Society members. I thought it was time I popped in to say hello!!


About time! :wink: Welcome to the pleasure-dome, @Sorcha.


Welcome @Sorcha. Really great to have you here. I’m sure there are many other of the community members who follow your #ukwinehour along with your #awaywithwine business. TWS run a monthy #twstaste which you may be interested to pop along to.


Glad you could join us :slight_smile:


Hi @Sorcha! What a pleasure to have you join us! :smile: I’ve enjoyed UK Wine Hour and would love to join you at some future events. :smiley: What are your favourite regions?


Hi Laura, Robert, Ewan and Leah,

Thank you for the welcome and the kind words!

Sorcha :clinking_glasses::wine_glass:


Favourite regions! That’s a tough one - I’ve long been a massive Italophile, hence plans to spend some time there this summer. Love Catalunya! Such variety in a single region! And my current crush is Sud de France in all its forms. :clinking_glasses::wine_glass:


Ooh! Two excellent shouts, and I don’t feel I know either of them well enough. Looking forward to hearing your recommendations… :smiley:


Hi @laura and Everyone!

It’s great to be finally signed up to the community.
I have my father-in-law to thank for introducing me to the Wine Society and we have steadily been building our reserves for a few years now. Mainly Red Bordeaux and CdR.

Currently living in Singapore (which means drinking it is made that little bit harder) but had a little boy in 2016 and have enjoyed buying his wine year with the view of opening a fine drop in 18 years time!

Living in this part of the world, we have a very Antipodean selection of wine and have fallen in love with the Margaret River region of Western Australia. We visit it each year and love wines from Vasse Felix, Voyager Estate and Hayshed Hill. Would love to see some more of those on sale at the Society.

Thanks for having me. Now I’m off to ask some silly questions in other threads!



Hi there.

I’m Ben, another resident of SE London, living in Catford with my wife and two small children.

I’ve been a WS member for around 10 years, and have been lurking on the fringes of this community for a couple of months now.

I’ve been into wine for about 20 years, and it’s gradually become something of an obsession! I still remember the bottle that got me hooked - a bottle of Tim Adams Aberfeldy Shiraz. After too many years as a student drinking rubbish and coping with horrific hangovers, and decided to push the boat out on a bottle. It was a punt - I knew nothing about the wine, but assumed it would be good because it cost £20 (in 1997). Apart from being wowed by the taste, I didn’t have anything like the hangover I was used to!! So that was it for me! No turning back!

My tastes are fairly broad. I’ve moved away from New World for the most part, though I do still adore NZ wines (if I could emigrate anywhere, I’d go to NZ) and a good Chilean wine. But my love is now red Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhône, esp CdeP. Have been investing in EP on and off since 2010.

Whites - Riesling is King for me, wherever it’s from, but Alsace - oh, such goegeous fragrant wines. Have been to the region a few times to stock up directly from the cellar door! Love them. Totally unique.

Love being a member of the WS. Wonderful wines at all prices, such huge choice, and great to be part of such a passionate community of wine lovers.