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Hello! :) Introduce yourself



Hi there

I’m Ed living in the West Midlands.

I’m a new member to the Wine Society but I’ve benefited from the wines through family membership.

I’ve been into wine for quite a few years now since developing a reputation for never bringing a bad bottle of wine to parties as a student. This has now morphed into only drinking good wine; it being better to go without rather than drink something bad and then regret it!. It’s my excuse for spending far too much on wine and I’m sticking to it!

My current obsession in wine is East Coast Tasmanian wines especially Pinot Noir. It’s the reason I finally jumped into Wine Society membership when I saw they were selling not only the Exhibition Tasmanian Chardonnay made by Freycinet Vineyards but also their second wine Pinot Noir, the Louis Pinot Noir. They both featured in my first case of society wine.

Annual visits to Tasmania means I’m now an expert on the duty limits for bringing back wine. They have so much good wine that barely makes it to the mainland let alone halfway across the world to the UK. Still in Australia, I have a particular fancy to Clonakilla Shiraz-Viognier and Viognier. These two wines have lead me back to the old world and to the Northern Rhone with my love of Cote-Rotie and Condreiu. Recently my Pinot Noir tastes have started a tentative exploration of Burgundy. It’s nice to use the New World experiences to start an appreciation of the Old.

I don’t claim to have any real wine knowledge but know what I like. However I’m always open to exploring new wines and regions which the Wine Society seems likely to help me with.

That’s me really!


Hi Ed and welcome to this community. As a PN lover you will find many interesting posts about finding the perfect bottle at a bargain price - ha! I fibbed about the price :rofl: I noticed you like Clonakilla wines. We like them too, and have visited when we go to see relatives in Canberra.

The first time we visited was many years ago when they were just getting going, with the winemaker leading the tasting in a shed wearing a wonderful beanie hat. The wines were lovely and we brought a couple of the reds back home with us. We last visited in 2015 and they had gone up in the world with a posh tasting room, tasting staff giving minute portions of very expensive and very young Shiraz/Viognier wine. So young one would have to have faith to invest in it for future drinking as it was pretty unapproachable in the glass. We decided against at the prices on offer. Our loss no doubt as we know we like it. Anyway we stopped off up the road at Helm and sampled their delicious and properly mature Cabernet Sauvignons at much more attractive prices. And brought some home too.


Hello all, I’m Mike, living 25 miles North of Inverness. And, with 3 foot thick walls and generally low ambient temperatures up here (this year notwithstanding), my hallway makes a pretty steady temperature ‘cellar.’ I’ve been a member of TWS for 3 years now.

I drink mainly European wines with a couple of Chileans (Lascar for awesome value) and Lebanon (Musar for taste). Partly because I have a bit of a, probably invalid, eco-conscience issue with shipping wine such huge distances when there is so much on our doorstop, partly because it’s confusing enough trying to figure out my preferences within Europe, never mind including the rest of the world, and partly because I just love the wines!

My favourite regions in approximate order of preference would probably be: Bordeaux, Rioja, Rhone (N & S), Burgundy, rest of Spain, Italy, Portugal (this is a bit of a new exploration for me but finding some good’uns). Bordeaux is by far my favourite but Rhone has been catching up recently! I’m afraid I have never managed to warm to white wine :frowning: (pardon the pun).

I generally buy a mixture of some wines to lay down for a few years and some for immediate drinking. Apart from when I’m in France (see below) where I buy locally, pretty much all my wine comes from the Society.

I live alone and generally only drink one glass a night which tends to present keeping problems. A recent purchase of an AntiOx wine preserve is showing promising results on that front.

When not drinking I love to be in the mountains (hence why I live up here) but, now I’m getting a little older, I don’t do so much technical climbing, instead spending the winter in the Alps doing ski mountaineering.


Welcome! Lots of Rioja and Rhone fans on here: warning, you may end up buying more than you planned :smiley:

@Sarah shared an interesting article on this point in her recent AMA:



I already do typically spend more that I intend! One of the problems with this wine game is that the more you drink the more expensive your tastes seem to get.

Re the eco-conscience thing I am aware of the arguments in favour of modern container shipping and that getting the wine to me up here in Scotland is probably the biggest environmentally damaging part of it’s whole journey :smiley: The biggest reason is really my personal preference, though it’s hard to compare like for like when the prices, French in particular, do tend to be rather high compared to an equivalent ‘quality’ Chilean for example. The Lascar Carmeneres and Merlots would I’m sure be at least twice the price if they were coming from France.



My name is Dee (well Donna actually), I’m not new to TWS, but am new to the community. I’m definitely a wine novice, the more I learn I realise the less I know!

I love great value wines but also love indulging in something a little special too from time to time. The first thing I bought when my divorce was finalised was Opus One. I had never tried and had always been curious, it’s currently laying down for the next 8.5 years so a little time to wait for that one. I think Domaine Laborie is a great entry wine, better taste and value than anything I’ve found so far but very open to recommendations.

One of my most favourite finds at the wine society was Glenelly Grand Vin, Western Cape 2008, but sadly its no longer available. Do you know of anything similar? As good, better?

I’m really excited to be part of the community, I tried Naked wines for a bit (it was like cheating, I felt totally awful) and the community I found not be the friendliest.

I live 20 minutes away from TWS HO and when I pop in there everyone is always so lovely and helpful. I’ve a lot to learn about wine but am willing to work hard and enjoy the fruits of my labour!

Thank you for having me community and I hope this is the start of a long and happy friendship.


Welcome Dee, and we’ll forgive your infidelity dalliance … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - we’re a friendly bunch here of all degrees of wine knowledge, but most importantly we all enjoy wine and finding out more about it!

That goes for those of us who work in the trade too, so you’re in good company! :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the Community Dee. You’ll find a wealth of information on here, all shared with a welcoming enthusiasm. Like you I’m a relative novice but then - who has ever mastered a full understanding of wine?!


That’s exactly the way I feel! :smiley:

And welcome! I’ve been with TWS for a couple of years but only stuck my nose into the community area a few days ago myself.

For what it’s worth my favourite value for money TWS wines would be:

The Merlot is also very good.

And a brilliant Italian red:

And a recent new discovery for me:

All seemed to me to be worth way more than the price tag.


Oooo, thanks Mike! I will absolutely be ordering those, I’ll let you know how I get on.

Thank you for the recommendations, I find they’re always the best way to try new wines


@DeeStorey welcome! You’ll probably find your wish list gets longer and longer the more time you spend here. :smiley:

Until recently my other half worked for Majestic, so I know how you feel… :smile:

As for the Glenelly - I’m afraid I never got a chance to drink it, but if you’re looking for great South African red blends, I’d highly recommend the Liberator range:

They always blow my socks off. Haven’t tried this one but the description reads beautifully - might grab a bottle from the Showroom later. :slight_smile: