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Hello! :) Introduce yourself



I for one would like to hear your exploits as a young quick bowler as I was also one - always preferred the ball going away from me. Gave up about 15 years ago once my knees went but certainly enjoyed the personal challenge between the bowler and batsman. Great feeling beating the bat and hitting the stumps! Probably better on a different thread.


That’s one weird thumbnail James!


I only look like that on Christmas Day !


Apparently I have done this before, 17 October 2017 !!!:innocent::rose::wine_glass:


Hahahaha I love this :rofl::rofl:


Hi all, I’m Jim and I’ve been a member for close on 40 years, with my Dad before me also a wine lover. Took a few WSET exams back in the 90’s up to Diploma level and was fortunate to have a large cellar under my surgery which needed filling so have been buying EP from the Society since the 1988 vintage if memory serves ! My main passions now are Northern Rhone and Alsace with plenty of Sherry thrown in for good measure.


Welcome Jim. Good to see you here.


Hello community! I’m Hannah and I am fairly new to wine, I’ve been a member for about a year.

Currently I’m taking a map approach to trying new things. At the moment I’m trying to discover Austrian wines and some other more niche European countries - Slovenia and Greece this year after visiting them. With the more classic styles I enjoy lighter and colder climate wines like those from Loire and Alsace.

I’m also interested in developments in the natural wine scene and will enjoy seeing how the Society gets involved with that even more. I’m looking forward to seeing what the community has to share :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community, Hannah!
I must say, you’re a woman after my own heart! :grin::+1: Like you, I really enjoy wines from cooler climate - Loire reds, Austrian reds and white, as well as wines from Germany, Switzerland, Alsace, Savoie… The list is long! And I’m an Old European at heart, but trying to explore and expand on my New World knowledge.
Hope you find plenty of inspiration for your wine interests in this lovely forum! :wine_glass::wink:
PS - forgot to ask!! What are you current favourites??

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Hello, thanks for the welcome Inbar! Well I’m looking forward to trying some Grüner Veltliner from WS as there’s a great selection, any particular favourites of those? I like northern French reds, I enjoyed Anjou Rouge ‘L’Ardoise’, Domaine des Rochelles 2016 which seems no longer to be available…

As I live in London I sometimes go to an Austrian specialist wine importer called Newcomer Wines but there are some Austrian reds in WS that look pretty good too. I’d also be interested to see where these kinds of styles can be found outside of Europe :slight_smile:


Hello Hannah, living near an Austrian specialist sounds great! I feel Austrian wines are starting to get the attention they deserve! Some of them are absolutely fantastic.

You asked about Grüner Veltliner - well, the Society’s one is a lovely introduction to the grape:

But if you want to splash out, this is a weightier and full-flavoured example, made from old vines (though not cheap!):

With regards to reds - I love Zwiegelt and Blaufränkisch, or a blend of both. Pittnauer is a good producer, and this is a lovely, fresh blend:

For something a bit different, you may want to try (if you haven’t already) a grape called Rotgipfler. I love this particular one (wonder if your specialist importer sells it):

Both the 2016 and 2017 are great. It’s a grape unique to the Thermenregion in Austria, and is grown in fairly small quantities. A perfect food wine.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Great, thanks for those recommendations! I look forward to trying them out :grin: I hadn’t heard of Rotgipfler so that will be particularly interesting to try. With reds, I love Zweigelt and Blaufränkisch and also St Laurent, though in the uk wines made from that seem to be less common and more expensive …


Lidl are currently selling a very nice example of St Laurent, made by Pfaffle:

We had it recently and loved it. Definitely recommended! :+1:


Ah that’s a great recommendation, I look forward to trying these out! Thanks :grinning:


Hi folks.

I’ve been a Wine Soc member for a couple of years but am new to the Community. Dipping my toes in here in what looks like a vibrant and friendly community.

I live in Cheltenham with my wife and have had a long standing passion for wine. For those of you with long enough memories, my Interest was first piqued by the rather comical appearances of Oz Clark and Jilly Goolden on the BBC Good Food Show. It was, however, really only after Uni in the mid 90’s that things got a little more serious fuelled by Oddbins on St Mary Street in Cardiff. I walked past their shop each evening on the way home from work heading to Central train station. It was far too easy to buy a bottle or two!

WSET Diploma followed but parenthood, mortgage, life etc. resulted in somewhat frugal wine purchases for many years.

More recently with the kids grown up, I have been able to follow my passion with more gusto with trips to vineyards, tastings, building up “a cellar”, attending off lines and even my first wine auction recently.

My tastes are pretty wide ranging with France (Bordeaux, Alsace), Spain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Lebanon all featuring with regularity. Finding increasingly as I get older that I prefer my wines older so will focus on buying wines with a few years on them and back filling via auctions.

Other than wine, my interests include food, travelling and music. Getting nervous as Glastonbury ticket sales come round again shortly and would hate to miss out on this particular annual highlight, especially after the fallow year this year.

Looking forward to learning from the collective knowledge here and hope to add to it in a small way.



Welcome to the community, @GWills! :wave:
This is certainly the friendliest forum in the (wine) universe. Perhaps even in the Universe full stop.
From your wine interests I think you’ll find a lot of like-minded people to share your wine love with! Will be great to hear some of your WS recommendations, and beware the Mushrooming Wish List Syndrome! :wink:


and there’s even a thread on festivals to keep you on your toes - so WELCOME!


Hi All

I’ve been a Wine Soc member for a few years, but only recently discovered the forum. The wine bug bit me on a trip to Bordeaux a few years ago. A bit of an expensive hobby to take up as I now seem to have more bottles than i know what to do with. Bordeaux remains my first love, but with increasing interest in N Rhone, German Riesling, English sparkling and some new world bits and bobs (Mount Edelstone… When i can get my hands on it).

I live just outside Malmesbury in Wiltshire, which seems to be a bit of a wilderness for wine tasting without driving into Bristol or up to Cheltenham. Keen to find out if any wine clubs in the area!



Welcome to a ‘wine desert’ dweller from another…Shropshire.
Yes, we have Tanners, but still a 60 mile round trip whichever branch you choose.


Oops Missed the Glasto ticket sales. Sold out in 38 mins.