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Hello! :) Introduce yourself



Well when you find out, please let me and the rest of the community know! It’s obviously a common symptom… Welcome!


A slight digression but I’ll be down Ludlow at the weekend - my Mum lives there.

And I bet I win on the wine desert front up here North of Inverness! :smiley:


Unfortunately I’m out of town. Try The Angel. An ancient building which is now a wine bar venture. I have only been in once…for coffee. I prefer the same owner’s Ciccetti bar almost next door.
When I’m in the centre I usually go to the Brewery, or various coffee shops, with lunch at. The Green Cafe.
I’m sure your Mum will know all of these.


I might see if I can drag her out to The Angel maybe. She’s only a year short of 90 so doesn’t go out a huge amount nowadays. However she’s pretty close; living in the sheltered accommodation at near the top of Old Street.


Clifton Court? Site of the old cinema.


I used to live just across the county line from you in Tetbury. Used to be a good wine shop there - Thomas Panton. Looks to still be going - http://www.wineimporter.co.uk/ I remember buying some spectacular burgundies from them. They may well know of a local tasting group…


That’s the one. She used to live on her own farther down the same street but was beginning to get very isolated. I managed to “arrange” for it to be her own idea to get one of the apartments in Clifton Court.