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Hello! :) Introduce yourself



Will see what I can do :slight_smile:


That sounds brilliant! Friends and I do a similar ‘guilty pleasures’ playlist that builds over the course of an evening. Safe to say it gets worse the more the evening wears on! :joy:


These things can result in 80’s soft rock…


You’ve come to the right place!


‘Guilty Pleasures’ is secretly our favourite game :joy:


Hello my name is David and I have been a member for 35 years though with gaps when I was oversea in the Navy. Being a meany when I read in the Times that wines made from little known grapes are often good value I scour the catalogue for such wines. Keeps me quiet for a little while. Quite coincidentally I have a substantial order being delivered tomorrow so we can hunca down!


Greetings David, welcome to the community. Nice to see some more representation from the Dorset/Somerset borderlands - you’ll find @Herbster (Yeovil) lurking around here as well. Any particular little-known grapes you’ve enjoyed recently?


Haha! As @MrLaura says, this sounds like our Guilty Pleasures playlists :joy: Mine usually involves lots of the Spice Girls…

Welcome, David! :smiley: Way back, we had a really interesting topic going about obscure grape varieties - I’m sure there’s a few you could add there! :smiley: Here you go:


Hello, I have just signed up to the community. Another wine lover trying to create a few positives from the current emergency. I’m looking forward to hunkering down with some Society wines in the coming weeks and joining the community tasting in April. :clinking_glasses::wine_glass:

Hello, I'm new to this!

Great to have you on board :smiley:


I can’t work out how to introduce myself, as requested!, without opening a new topic. Hope I got that right??
Hi, I’m Pat and live in Cornwall - far too far away from Stevenage, but I do have relatives there so can combine a visit to them when visiting the WS! I’ve been a member for many years but seem to have spare time on my hands at the moment (can’t think why!) so thought I would investigate the Community.
Looking forward to reading your ideas and suggestions.


Hello Pat,

Welcome to this (wonderful!) Community! :smile: :wave:

I moved your post to the main introductions thread. I’m sure you’ll find all sorts of interesting threads to amuse you - and feel free to contribute to any you’re intetested in! :+1:


Thanks @Patm for introducing because it reminded me that I have not, despite posting in a few other topics…

I’m Helen, I live with my husband in central London. I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot over the years, both for holidays and with work, and have therefore visited quite a few vineyards and been able to sample lots of wine. Visiting vineyards is one of my favourite things, they are always in such beautiful places! We also own a small gite in the south of France and when we visit we can go to the little local vineyards and stock up on cheap but fabulous wine.

I hope this travel ban doesn’t last too long :cry:


Hello @Patm and @HBlackburn, welcome to The Community!


Hi @Patm - and welcome! Cornwall is a beautiful part of the world - I’m jealous! Have you tried much Cornish wine?

Welcome @HBlackburn! I’m sure we’d all love to hear more about the vineyards you’ve visited - feel free to start a topic if you like giving your recommendations? We might not be able to visit now, but it’s good to build plans for when this is all over. :slight_smile:


Hi Laura, yes we’ve tried wines from both Camel Valley and also Polgoon vineyard, not so well known but is just outside Penzance. We don’t drink them too often, good though we’ve found them, as the prices are quite high. We also have a newish vineyard about 20 minutes away from us called Alder Vineyard, just over the border into Devon. I think they are not very well known as yet and are still quite small.


Hi @Patm
Terrific to see another member join.
Lot’s to read, ask anything…there will always be someone you will venture a response.
I find it intriguing that when looking at a map of the UK, I have been to the vast majority of the regions, from Lerwick, Inverness, Cullen, Portsoy and Fort William, all over Wales (as one might expect) Dover, Bournemouth, Colchester and Southwold, Lancaster, Keswick and Durham & Spanish City, Edinburgh and Largs & Dumfries - Burns had done a runner, so closed that day but never west of Weymouth or the small market town of Dulverton.
I keep on promising a foodie trip down to Padstein and round about, after this virus outbreak is put to bed; that will be the first Staycation, promise!!



Hi. I’m Richard and joined in 1976 (73196). I’ve always loved good Bordeaux and remember fondly the Society’s first growths evening in 1999 where we drunk the 89 Haut Brion which is one of my all time great wines. I’ve still some of my clarets bought en primeur through the Society. The other great wine was in a case of 6 Chambertain by Rousseau - the 1997 reduced us to reverent silence.
As I can no longer afford such luxuries and as current medication restricts my vinous proclivities have had to be reduced. My last outing featured (some of) the collection above (assuming phot works).
Looking forward to the banter now we are all confined.


Looks like a lovely outing last time out. The photo has worked… mostly :grin:

(You can edit your post with a flipped version)


I think Richard is stranded in NZ