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Hello! :) Introduce yourself



Hi All.
I’ve been reading and posting on here for a couple of weeks now, and realised I hadn’t yet written an intro on this thread.
I’ve been a member of TWS for around 7-8 years now, and continue to try improve my knowledge of wine and broaden my drinking horizons as I go. I have no wine qualifications but I have read (many bits more than once!) the WSET study book for level 3.
I regularly buy from EP offers - particularly Bordeaux & Rhone, and subscribe to the Rising Stars cellar plan.
My favourite white grape is Riesling; for reds (which I generally prefer) I have more broad tastes which seem to change all the time! Re dessert wines i have less experience but I like sweet muscat and love Madeira. Oh - and of course port.
Away from work & wine, I am often busy ferrying my 4 sons to sports fields and other clubs/activities etc.
I play pool for a local pub and I am yet another NFL fan on here!
Look forward to chatting with you all.


Good to see another member of the Hitchin mafia on here!


Just had a closer look at your bio @Ewan. As I’m a supporter of Leeds & England (football) and Yorkshire (cricket) you can rest assured I’ve got your back! :wink:


Hi All,

My name is Justin, I’m a software developer and part of the Web team here at The Wine Society HQ. I live in a village called Walkern with my wife Tracey, two daughters; Alexandra and Stephanie, as well as a rather noisy miniature dachshund named Ramsey.

My passions are architecture (the software kind), drinking wines (obviously) and cooking tasty (fiercely hot) food. I have both WSET level 2 and level 3 qualifications and I’m now trying to lean Spanish in my spare time ( ¡Estoy aprendiendo español muy lentamente! ). Unsurprisingly my wine passion has to be for Spanish reds, I love aged Tempranillo and so am a fan of Rioja Reserva. This being my favourite to share with friends…

I’m really excited to be part of the community and looking forward to hearing what our members have to say about wine, us and anything else that crops up…


Hello everyone, I thought I’d introduce myself. My name is Juan, I’m a London based photographer and I’m originally from Cadiz in Spain. So I come from the sherry country (lucky me)! I’m also lucky enough to do some work with clients in the wine industry so I get to visit some interesting producers around. I love a good winemaker anecdote and I am a firm believer that wine can tell great stories. Some of my favourite regions are Beaujolais, Burgundy, Barolo, Etna, the Northern Rhone, Rioja, Ribera Sacra and of course Sherry!


Apologies, I hadn’t even realised this thread was here.

I live in North London and have been a member of TWS since 1999, although the amount I have been buying from TWS and a couple of other merchants has shot up since the installation of a wine wall. I now have a lot of empty holes to fill with bottles and boxes! Despite living within a 30 minute drive to Stevenage, I’ve not yet been. I must take a trip one weekend soon.

I’m busy buying a mixture of wine to enjoy now and some to hold and enjoy many years later.

The bulk of it is red Bordeaux with a fair few bottles from the Rhone, Italy and Spain.

I also enjoy Bordeaux style reds from the new world, mainly from NZ and Washington State and one that I found recently from Argentina that I think/hope will be fantastic in a few years.

Whites are predominantly Burgundy, Bordeaux and Alsace Riesling.

Dessert wine is Sauternes. I’ve tried a few others but I don’t drink it very often and nothing else I have tried comes close.

I’ve also recently discovered the joy of Japanese whisky.

As for what I don’t like, I’m not a fan of wines that smack you round the face when you drink them, shouting “LOOK AT ME, HERE ARE MY FLAVOURS”.

Outside of alcohol, I am a season ticket holder at Saracens and Spurs and am a big NFL fan, although a long suffering Dolphins fan which is no fun at all.


Evening All,

Despite being a regular visitor to the WS website (probably too regular!) and a member for quite a few years, I only just noticed the Community Page yesterday…

I live in Ayrshire in South West Scotland and now work part time to suit myself which I can highly recommend. Still spend quite a lot of time in London and Glasgow with that. Married with grown up daughter who is happy to drink my wine and nearly grown up son who is happy to have me as taxi and supporter for his rugby matches.

Have accumulated a cellar of about 400 bottles over a fairly lengthy period of time…a few bottles from the 80s still lurking in my cave from various sources. Favourites are: Red - Rhone, north and south, red Burgundy although sadly just the cheaper ones now (or maybe less extortionate), Chateau Musar. Could also develop a taste for Brunello after recent visit to Tuscany…Still quite a lot of claret in my cellar too. White - Alsace, particularly Gewurz and Pinot Gris, love Zind Humbrecht, plus NZ Chardonnay and some German Riesling. Also Palo Cortado and malt whisky.

When not drinking wine I still play a bit of relatively social cricket (but competitive too!) and salmon fishing, which is both massively relaxing and a triumph of hope over experience very often…


Welcome @MarkC - don’t be concerned about your powers of observation, this is a brand new space for members that was only launched recently and we are only beginning the process of inviting members to join, so you are actually ahead of the curve on this one and we are grateful you found us.

Good luck with the Scottish cricket career :slight_smile:

[I say that as a fellow, though displaced, Scot]


I’ve been reading the community posts for the last couple of weeks and I just love how enthusiastic and knowledgeable everyone is, it’s always a pleasure to come here.

I’ve been a member since the beginning of the year and joined mainly to take advantage of the society’s great range-I’ve placed a few orders, but have to make sure I don’t get carried away! I’ve always very much enjoyed (red) wine, and those from the Rhone, Bordeaux, and Argentina are my current favourites. This was particularly good: https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=AR3171

Away from the bottle, I’m on the South Coast just to the east of Brighton, working as an independent online bookseller, but have also worked for a charity for homeless people, and further back still, used to teach the violin. I do a lot of running (good excuse for more eating and drinking), and have two grown up daughters and a rather large ginger cat.

Good drinking!



so lovely to hear from you @bratschescratsche. Interestingly enough both of these subjects (books / book buying and charity) are topics that I am keen to explore in more detail here - I do hope you can lend some expertise

also, I’m very glad to find another cat owner, we’ve been getting rather doggy-heavy recently

welcome and thanks for the introduction


I would like to introduce myself. My name is Michael Unsworth. I own a hotel in the town of Korcula (www.ldpalace.com) on the island of the same name in Croatia. We have an excellent restaurant and a very good list of Croatian wines, which are still little known outside the country. I will try to help people to become better informed about Croatian wine and food.


Thanks Robert. I did wonder with a name like yours whether you were part of the diaspora…

The cricket career is definitely in the sunset phase now in my mid 50s but I still enjoy playing at a lower level for my club and the XL Club (which is now more like the L+ Club!

The forum is a good idea and seems to have the right ‘atmosphere’ if you know what I mean…


Welcome, Mark. The diaspora is alive and kicking! I was even back in my home town of Auld Reekie last weekend, promoting The Society at a tasting at The Balmoral.


Hello everybody

I’m David and live in Epping, Essex. I am a retired schoolmaster having taught Chemistry for 38 years but still doing part-time consultancy work in professional development for Chemistry teachers.

I have been a member of the Wine Society for decades and buy most of my wine from the Society. I order favourites but use Wine Without Fuss to discover new wines. Very impressed with the Society’s English White which was in my last delivery - excellent paired with fish. I enjoyed it with a pan fried sea bass, buttered spinach, rosti potato and hollandaise sauce on Saturday. (Oh should I say that I was a contestant on MasterChef back in the days of Loyd Grossman?)

Favourite wines from the Society: The Society’s Gavi (another discovery from WWF) and the Society’s Haut Medoc aka Ch. Beaumont.

I have a particular love of French wine regions and have spent several holidays exploring regions. Two reminiscences will suffice here : 1) Having dinner in Restaurant de la Tour in Sancerre and being asked by the sommelier whether I ‘knew’ Sancerre wines. Of course I did not know the region in enough detail to choose from the 300 local wines on the list so he offered us a glass of wine with each course to match what we were eating. Over three courses, three of us enjoyed 9 different wines with impeccable matching to the food (two of us were given the same wine but from different vintages!) A 2 Michelin star restaurant and we were only charged the equivalent of 2 bottles of wine for those. The cheese was also regional: crottin de Chavignol but offered on the trolley in every stage of maturity from fresh cream cheese to truly pungent year old crottins! 2) another restaurant but this time a small auberge in Minerve - the waiter noticed we were consulting our books for ideas of local wine growers to visit. He suggested that we try a bottle of Ch. Gourgazaud which was indeed worth the recommendation. He soaked the label from the bottle and we took it as an ‘introduction’ to the chateau the following day. The owner then announced that he had none of that vintage left as he had just sold 24000 bottles to Sainsbury’s!

Any local members of the Society out there wanting share a bottle or three over dinner?


We bought a case of the current vintage (1988 that was) and then back in England bought the same wine (at twice the price!) in Sainsbury. The wine we brought over from France had a fantastic bouquet but the supermarket wine, whilst obviously the same wine, did not have the same wonderful ‘nose’. i can only surmise that the wine we bought at source was bottled from one particular cask but the supermarket wine had been blended from all the casks that the buyer had chosen in order to get consistency in the 24000 bottles - after all if a customer had experienced a bottle from a ‘good’ cask and gone back for another bottle it might have been less appealing. Hence the need for blending which can take the character out of wines from single casks.


I’d be more than happy to Robert


Hi All,

I just discovered this section of the website yesterday and as you can see I’ve already got involved.

I’ve been a member of TWS for about 10 years, but also buy from local merchants and auction.

My main likes are the Rhone, Burgundy (and other chardonnay or pinot), and pretty much everything else. Except I struggle with claret, but keep on struggling rather than giving up. I will not put Sauvignon Blanc near my mouth, except for Greywacke wild yeast which is passable.

I’ve been posting on forums for a while, mainly the UK winepages forum. I attend a local wine tasting group here in Colchester, we’re always looking for new members, if you’re local.




I am Pete, a retired 63 year old who confounded all my friends who lectured me on how bored I would be!
Its the best non job I have ever had and using the old adage - I just done know where I found the time for work!
With 2 dogs and being the local volunteer footpath warden I just love the autumn with all the smells and crunchy leaves. Then home to a log fire and of course a glass of warming wine.
And so onto wine…there must be a name for me…as I just love ALL reds which is why I make straight for the bin ends. Shiraz, Rioja, Malbec, Chianti don’t care.
Christmas is so easy for me - a case (or 2) of mixed reds please.
Have yet to try one of the Society’s lunches but hopefully one of the kids will take one of the hints I have been dropping constantly :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work



My name’s Bill. I’m 61 and I live in Derby. Because of health problems I haven’t worked for a while, so I don’t have loads of money to splash out on wine; I just order a case of twelve reds from the Society every so often (I am very un-clued up on whites), lay it on its side in a dark room and slowly make my way through its contents. I tend not to buy wine from the more famous regions in the (mistaken?) belief that the fame ups the price, but there’s so much good value stuff coming from Chile, Portugal, Spain, the south of France, ditto Italy etc. that frustration rarely sets in. Just occasionally, though, I think “Hmmm… It would be nice to be able to buy a top-notch Barolo.”

I also like a good pint of bitter from the hand pump (not in the same session, and preferably not the same day even, as my red wine) and have been known to get exercised by the difficulty of finding a decent pint. It’s quite possible that what I look for in a wine has been influenced by my partiality to the complexity of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord Bitter.

Don’t assume that I’m a boozer, though. Some weeks no alcohol at all passes my lips.

I like to go and watch one of my local football teams. Perhaps I’ll start a football discussion (if there isn’t one already).


Bill, you are very welcome here whether your primary motivation is wine talk, beer talk or even football talk.

I’m sure you can get plenty of advice on choosing wines, even white ones (!), from this crowd.

As for the football, we have a sport category which is open to all but doesn’t pop onto the home page as it can be quite a divisive topic and off-putting for certain members, but you are more than welcome to get involved.

Click on this #life:sports-chat link then click on the dot button on the top right to get the subscription menu. If you click “Tracking” you’ll know each time a new thread is started