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Hello! :) Introduce yourself



Welcome @ChrisM! Looking forward to chatting about Spanish wines some more (it’s an area I’m currently exploring) but for now I can recommend this new addition which I had the pleasure of trying last week:

Really, really gorgeous wine - such a lot of complexity and warmth. :slight_smile:

And hi there @mrdavidmb - as The Society’s instagram girl I believe I recognise you from there, so great to see you here too! :smiley::wave:


Thanks for the welcome! Yep, you’ll have seen me on Instagram. I won a bottle of Cava for a friend in your competition (It was lovely!)


Thanks, Laura. I’ll definitely try that. I just ordered my Christmas supply, but definitely soon.


Welcome, David - if you were at Tom’s Festival of Wine and you came to The Society’s table, we must have met! :slight_smile:


We may well have done, although my memory is bad enough without there being hundreds of bottles of wine involved! I remember trying a delicious Chilean Riesling at the Society’s table.



My name is Danny, I live in Harrogate with my wife heather and 1 yr old daughter Harper. And Smeagol the Beagle.

We had our Wine Soc membership bought as a wedding gift in 2014, and I bought bits and bats, but my enthusiasm took an upward trajectory after I convinced a friend to go halves with me on the French classics VCP. Since then I’ve tried to read about wine as much as I drink, and focus on quality not quantity (granted that everything Wine Soc sells is quality).

I am especially susceptible to Wine society propaganda, as when they suggested I ‘balance’ my cellar with an additional VCP, I signed up to the world classics.

Subsequently I started buying Bordeaux EP. A lot of my friends enjoy wine too, but can’t be bothered to get involved, so they let me buy EP for them and give me the money. This way it looks to the Wine society like I’m a baller, when I’m not.

My favourite wines from the past few years have been the la poja by allegrini. And leone zardini amarone.

In my spare time I enjoy walking in nidderdale, reading, and Olympic lifting. I also have recently started foraging mushrooms, as I find it flirts with death, but is less risky than BASE jumping, probably.


Hello, my name is Ian. I’m married and we live in Bristol but currently buying a house in Cornwall into which we will move early next year. I’ve been a WS member since 2007 but into wine for a lot longer than that. As a enthusiast I studied the WSET levels 2 and 3 which I found interesting and informative and answered a number of questions that I had. As to my wine preferences Burgundy (red and white) would be my number 1 but unfortunately prices are generally out of my league as I only buy to drink never to sell. I like NZ SB, unoaked (or at least not dominated by oak) chardonnay, Champagne, Rioja (red and white)…well almost anything really :grinning: I have bought EP from the WS on several occasions. Outside of wine I am a keen cricket fan being a Gloucestershire life member.


I’ve just noticed this Intro section having been posting away for a while. My name is Joy and I live in Southampton. I’ve been a member of TWS for about 30 years now, my parents having gifted membership to me and my husband (in my name :slight_smile:) as a Christmas present when we were first married. And what a wonderful present it has been!

Our tastes in wine are fairly wide ranging and we’ve bought en primeur as well as listed wines from the TWS. The bottle we buy most regularly is the Society’s Fino sherry. We have entered the Christmas draw ever since we’ve been members or since it started if that was later and are still waiting to win something :persevere:

This Community is good fun and enjoy reading my fellow topers’ comments.


I’m Bob and have been a member of TWS for around 20 years. I have bought elsewhere in the past and still do occasionally (got to keep them on their toes here). My wine interests are mainly the eastern side of France - Provence to Alsace though not exclusively. Have just sat my WSET level 3 exam and now waiting anxiously for the results. For work I’m an IFA and outside of wine my interests are photography and rugby - watching I should add.


Start planning for level 4…


Hi Bob,
Good luck with your level 3 results :+1:
I’m also a fan of Alsace and am quite partial to a nice Provence, especially in the summer.


Hi Joy,
I’m concerned I might have to wait 30 years to win on the Christmas draw :open_mouth:
I’ve a long wait ahead… let us know if and when you do win! Goodluck :+1:


Hi there,

I’m a complete novice. I was invited by a client and joined straight away, knowing how much help I need getting better wines on the shelf.

I’ve also used my new membership to Gift my brother too, as he serves up some lousy wines.

I’m already a huge fan because of the vast amount of information and guidance available on the website and the forums. I’m going to have a lot of fun (in moderation) finding a new set of favourites.


ha ha, well I hope he doesn’t read this comment then - very amusing, and very good thinking!



Thank you kindly sir. His membership should arrive in time to be a Christmas present, and that’s when I’ll drop the bomb on why he got it.


Welcome Joy, and great to find a fellow Society’s Fino fan! It’s one of my most-purchased too… to the point where I think I really better start exploring different kinds of sherry in case I’m missing out on others, haha!

Looking forward to chatting more here soon. :slight_smile:


Thanks Laura. We have tried other finos and manzanilla but always come back to the Soc’s fino. Every sherry order I try one bottle of something else to make sure we are not missing out. The one we like as a treat is La Ina, which we rate over the Tio Pepe. We also like the Maribel Amontillado and the WS Exhibition Mature Medium Dry Oloroso Blend which we like with cheese as an alternative to port.


Oooh I’m going to take some of your suggestions @JayKay! There’s not much Sherrys in the house ATM … I think that needs to change :+1:


Ooh thanks @JayKay, I’m making a big order to restock in the new year and I might try the Maribel and the La Ina! Any excuse for a tapas night… :grinning: Can’t wait to hear more recommendations from you here on The Community!


Hi All,

My name is Gavin and I am a Wine Society addict. This has been going on for about thirty years, ever since my father bought me a membership. Sadly, the passage of time has not led to any improvement in my addiction - if anything it has got worse! When we moved to our current house, it had a proper cellar; that was really when the condition became irreversible.

I now run a 150 - 200 bottle collection. There is a bias towards reds, but there are plenty of whites, roses and an eclectic collection of fizz. I happily admit to being an Old World fan and have diminishing stock of en primeur Bordeaux from 1989, 1998 and 2005 - all still drinking beautifully by the way. We spend a lot of our holidays in Italy and so there are a lot of ‘vini Italiani’ which reflect the wonderful range and diversity in the Society’s Italian list.

We used to live in Bedford and so it was all to easy to pop over to Stevenage and add to the supplies. These days we are in rural Sussex and so visits to the Showroom are less frequent and take a bit more planning. Thank goodness for the efficiency of the delivery service.

Having finally got round to signing in here, I look forward to joining in with what look like some interesting topics. As we will be away over Christmas and New year, let me wish you all a Happy Christmas and a great 2018, and I’ll see you next year!