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Hello! :) Introduce yourself



Welcome to the Community. Glad to see the delivery service in Sussex works well. Plenty of local fizz as well in Sussex, hopefully you’ve tried a few.


I would rather call Gavin’s addiction to the WS plain common sense. What is so obvious – but all to often overlooked by commentators and reviewers – is that as a mutual the Society caters to the needs and requirements of its customers who are also its owners. The upshot is we have the assurance that bad quality wine is never an option, whatever the price point. You will not get a bad wine from the Society. So, when buying wine blind which most people do (not having had the chance to taste beforehand), it is just plain common sense to go first to the WS. Perhaps I’m biased? For me, decades of great wine at sensible prices tells its own story.


Hi all

I am Kevin from Blackwood in the South East Welsh Valleys - where the Manic Street Preechers come from. I am a Civil Servant and share my tipple with my wife of 20 years and our hairy labradoodle.
I have been a member of TWS for almost a year now but been a wine lover for over 20 years.

My favourite wine regions are Languedoc and Rhone reds and all Spanish reds, also prefer the Loire Valley for whites, and am experimenting with Spanish whites at the moment. But like all winos I am also partial to wines from other countries e.g. Argentina, Italy, Chile and South Africa.
I recently purchased a case from TWS for the festive season and am enjoying every swig.
I am hoping to be more adventurous over the coming year hoping to try wines from different countries, different grape varieties/blends along with more traditional grape varieties in less familiar regions.
I hope to engage in the forum and pick up some tips and recommendations for future purchases.



I am Chris from West Sussex, I have been a member for about 3 years, I don’t have a particular preference for a specific grape or region of wine, I just love discovering new wines and the WS is perfect for that. I am blessed in living near a lot of really good English wine producers and love visiting to taste their latest releases. I am hoping to pick up lots go good tips on great wines from other members.


Hello fellow shareholders. I joined just in time for one of the Christmas mixed cases. I’d been meaning to join several Christmases before but never got around to it, you know what it’s like. I became seriously interested in wine about 10 years ago and learned a lot very quickly after joining another online wine vendor - amazing times. Unfortunately, ill-health, of the type you’re not quite sure if you are going to come out of it the other end, intervened and things drifted. Now I’m making a very determined return to the cellar to make up for lost time!

I’ve always enjoyed big-hitting, New World reds, Rioja and white Grenache/Garnacha. An accidental discovery of a stunning Rioja at a restaurant was the trigger for my wine fascination in fact. I’ve just re-discovered Rhones and newly-discovered Marsanne. I find it impossible to meaningfully associate specific flavours with the wines I drink so don’t expect erudite reviews from me - I just know what I like, have a mental “flavour” of it and that’s that.

I look forward to cosy community chats!


Sorry for the late response. I can confirm both are now members. Had some super WS wines over xmas. A few of the 2009 claret offer and the vin d’alsace was very well recieved too.


Hi I’m bean - tastes tend to be old world (reds from Bordeaux, Northern Rhone, Burgundy, Rioja, Tuscany and whites from Burgundy and Northern Rhone)
Other interests (in case anyone is!) are hifi and old vw’s


Hi I am Alexandra & I almost exclusively drink the right bank of bordeaux, in which I have accumulated a certain amount of selbstbestimmung, which I from time to time convey in my ‘reviews’ but get few ‘this review was helpful’ credits for doing so, perhaps my taste buds are wrong & I should rely more on my goose bumps instead? Who knows…


Hi Alexandra and welcome , I wouldn’t worry to much about the non response to your reviews!! Holding my hand up :raised_back_of_hand:, I haven’t left any , tend to keep my own . This community is a fantastic resource for finding out more about all types of wine including Bordeaux and for expressing your experiences with what you’ve drank and liked/disliked… so get stuck in, and let everyone know what you like and why . Recommendations on the community are greatly received by other members so don’t be shy :slight_smile:️! Any questions you have about how the community works can more than likely be found on the “how to guides” . @robert_mcintosh is the salmon of all knowledge on here, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for long him.! Otherwise enjoy and we look forward to hearing your experiences of all things Bordelaise :wink:


Welcome @Alexandra! Very cool to hear you’re a right bank Bordeaux fan - I’ve not got huge amounts of experience about it but whenever I’ve tried a right bank claret I’ve been very happy. Would LOVE to hear your thoughts on your favourite producers if you fancy starting a new topic about it!

Also, hello @bean - sorry I missed your intro until now! Another big white Rhone and Burgundy fan here (not that I can afford much, haha!) and hope you’ll share lots of recommendations here!


I really had to look that one up as I assumed some error caused by late night post-:wine_glass: postings … but I apologise for the mental slight. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What an interesting story …


I guess that must be why I drink like a fish :fishing_pole_and_fish:


Must be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!
Sometimes I forget not everyone knows Irish folklore tales oops



Just joined but have been enjoying wines from WS for many years.

I have just moved to Hitchin after 20 years in London so am now handily close to the WS showroom.

I’d be interested to know if there are any tasting groups in the area as it would be good to meet some people intestested in wine.


Hi Adrian. Welcome to the community and welcome to Hitchin! It is certainly handy (and potentially expensive!) being so close to the showroom.

I’m not actually aware of any Hitchin based tasting groups, but would also be interested in forming/joining one.

It may be that one has been running for years and has passed me by of course. @Ewan?


Just realised I have never done this despite posting for a while. My WS membership was a wedding present in 2010 along with a case of 2009 Angludet laid down in reserves. First bottles will come out for our 10th anniversary!

I got started with my own EP buying with the 2012 vintage, have just started to drink some of those first purchases and am now building a collection of Rhone, Bordeaux and ageworthy Stellenbosch Bordeaux blends for later drinking. General strategy of buying better wines from less prestigious appellations with the aid of copious research that provides a welcome escape from the daily grind!

Married, two young kids, other half most content when drinking NZ Sauvignon but learning to love Gigondas, one hazy Sunday lunch at a time.


I run my own one-man tasting group most evenings …


Thank you.

If there isn’t anything, be good to meet some people who are interested in wine and open some bottles. I save way too much wine and need to start drinking it more!!


Happy to help!! :+1:


Likewise. Sure we could pretty easily get a group together.

Maybe separate thread on here to recruit, or a small advert in the next printed society news (recall seeing member connections bit on back page in past).


Hello Everyone, Thought I’d say hello… My wine preferences are predominately left banks, but like to engage in the general conversation of wine.