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Hello! :) Introduce yourself



Welcome @GrapeChaser - then you’ve come to the right place. Oh, and not just wine - there’s plenty of other stuff going on here. Quick question … what’s your favourite NON wine hobby?


Hi Rob, I like cycling and playing with new technology.


I believe there are a number of cyclists here - we really should get a thread started. You’ve also inspired a thought for a new Fantasy offers post :slight_smile:


I’m Mike I recently joined - just before Christmas to buy some Móri Ezerjó which sold out between joining and getting my login. :cry:
…But I ordered a case containing a range of wines at different prices and have been very pleased with the quality so far. Particularly like the coverage of unusual native grape varieties for a range of different countries so nice to try some of the subtly different flavours that some of these grapes produce.:smiley:
Just received the High-Grade Hungary case and I’m looking forward to this – have very fond memories of some great Hungarian wines on family holidays when I was younger and getting hold of the good stuff not the bottom shelf supermarket stuff is quite difficult. Looking forward to the Juhfark in this case.
Would love to see some Hárslevelű or a Tokaji Ó Furmint sometime in the future.:wink:


Hello everyone, I am Inbar and I am very new to TWS, but have been passionate about wine for quite some time. I am based in Brighton, and work in the mental health field. My partner often says that I ‘need’ wine to recover from aspects of my work, but in reality I’m quite a moderate drinker. What I love most is the excitement and anticipation each new bottle brings, and discovering new grapes, new styles and new countries. My passion is for European wines (Alsace is a particular favourite) though I also love some New World wine too, for sure. Nice to be part of a ‘virtual’ community of people sharing the same passion - this is the only one I’m part of! Hope you’re all having a nice Valentine’s Day :smiley: .


Welcome @Inbar, you’ll find the community a great place for learning more about wine, great recommendations from community members and general wine related discussions as well as “other” topics . Looking forward to hearing some of your personal recommendations :wine_glass:


My name is Richard and based in Cardiff. Interest in wine started when I left University as an impoverished student and started to work as a Technical Service Chemist with European responsibilities. Rather interestingly this involved travelling to France, Italy, Germany and occasionally Spain with local sales reps with huge expense budgets! Learnt a lot from these guys including drinking red Loires chilled, the pleasures of Grappa and how to hold a wine glass. Now over 35 years later I am retired and fondly remember those days. Usually manage to get to Stevenage twice a year, once for a WS lunch and another for a general purchasing trip although I must say that the WS delivery service is excellent.


My name is Norman, I live in the Derbyshire Peak District, but my wife is Portuguese so we spend a lot of time there. I’ve been enjoying wine for over 60 years but am not an expert. I drink mainly French wine while in UK, especially from the south-west, but Portuguese while in Portugal, where it is incredibly inexpensive. V. I saw reference somewnere on this website (now disappeared!) to a WS Iberian wine tasting at the beginning of March; unfortunately I shall not be able to go, but I was interested to see the list of Portuguese wines to be tasted. The one that stands out is the Pegoes from Setubal; I’ve not tried the Monte Velho white, but the red is rather unexceptional. My favourite Portuguese red is Colhares Ramisco which is on the WS list and I suggest bringing it to the wine tasting. My wife’s family has a large cellar of ancient Ports and Madeiras, and a couple of years ago opened a 1808 Madeira; before tasting I expected it be well past its best, which it possibly was, but it still turned out to be the most exquisite sweet wine I’ve ever tasted. Does anyone know how long Madeiras last? Hope everyone enjoys the Iberian tasting, and it would be good to have feedback.


Welcome @Normeric - what a great story, and I’m very jealous

Indeed, and the link is here (and it includes a list of the wines):

Madeiras never die! I can’t say I’ve ever tried anything as old as 1808 (wow!!) but the idea is that these wines just last and last, even years after the bottle is opened, so no rush … but if you ever happen to need help proving that point, I’ve got a palate to lend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi, I’m Tony, a Society member for about 5 years now. Joining was (of course) one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I can only regret leaving it so long, as I have been a wine lover for well over 40 years. I tend towards the more classic styles, and on my desert island I would have to have a red Bordeaux and a white Burgundy, but basically I seek out the unique pleasure that only drinking a decent wine can bring. I have a couple of temperature and humidity-controlled “caves” instead of a proper cellar where I store about 170 bottles (and then all the extra ones in boxes…). Luckily I possess a modicum of self-control. I say I do, anyway.


Welcome @tbennett54 - glad to have you join us here too. We promise to test your self-control with lots of great suggestions for new wines or reasons to dip into the stash :slight_smile:



Hello everyone.

To be honest, I tend to prefer European wines and during my twenty five years with the Wine Society, they have catered for my tastes very well, although - despite their many attractions further afield, I have not been tempted! However a few years ago a friend and I started an informal Village Wine Club with twenty four members. Every four months we select a theme for our Tasting - which might be “French Country Wines” or “Chile v Argentina” or “Mediterranean Wines” etc etc and we finish off with a jolly good lunch provided by members. During the years we literally have been round the World and tried wine which we would never consider buying. In my new guise I now look forward to learning more from the many clever Community members!


welcome @CuriousBlue - I’d love to have an excuse to try more tastings like that. Whilst I live in London and have lots of options I don’t get together with like-minded adventurers often enough to do tastings like these

I’d love to know more about your events and your findings, so please remember to share the plans and results if you can!

As for the current favourites, there’s a definite penchant for Hungary at the moment around here (read this : Some very tempting Hungarian wines have just appeared on the website!)


You raise an interesting issue! My little Wine Club uses a fairly basic marking system but we do announce the top red and white (frequently from the WS!) for each Tasting and I could circulate the result for information to the Community.



that would be great! Particularly if you are trying something a little unusual. We also have a tag to help find the posts that highlight ‘discoveries’ that others should know about - so maybe you can help uncover The Society’s hidden gems!

Click here to see the posts so far: #discovery


Hi. I’m MontyChap. Been a member for years Nearly 90 so time is of the essence! I did at one time, when about 60, have a fairly extensive cellar of goodies but had a massive stroke at 67 and getting home & drinking up was a primary aim. I did just that and had a great homecoming! Lived for a time as close neighbour of Barry Phillips at The White Horse, Chilgrove who had one of the best wine lists in the country. He now has a retirement home there, running Four Walls wine from the old blacksmith’s building.


I have to ask - in all those years - what has been your favourite wine?


Hi there!

I’m Tom. Member for 15 years or so (not sure exactly). Will drink almost anything, but I get most excited each January when the Rhône en primeur offer comes out. Recently bought my first house, so spending a lot of evenings doing diy at the moment - a good excuse to drink more wine :wink:

Also very into whisk(e)y. My bourbon collection is growing steadily.


Is Bourbon Whiskey?? :thinking::thinking::thinking::rofl::rofl:


It is indeed! And there’s a lot to explore there. I have a friend that is also a big fan, our tasting notes get more and more pretentious when we get together for a session :laughing: