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Holiday Snaps


We got caught in the storm … in a tent :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::tent:


oh wow! Did you get swept away? It fell SO hard at one point we were blinded in the car and virtually had to stop


Been at a wedding just south of Boston, MA. Wine nothing to write home about but the view was nice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow! That’s gorgeous @tom. Hope you’re having a great holiday.


Love Chinon…usually our first or last stop going south / north


Back home tomorrow, and already missing Provence, and its myriad pleasures. Time works differently here… Or so it seems.
Favourite place was definitely L’Isle sur le Sorgue, and no, @cerberus, did not mention Keith Floyd to anyone! :wink:
The ‘Venice of Provence’ is certainly a beautiful place to spend a few days in… Highly recommended! :grinning:


early warning for mildew ?



Solutre from another angle


I was there too!


All these growers within 1000 metres…


That’s a great perspective Robert!!!


Vergisson Chardonnay…about 70% of Vergecosse Pouilly Fuisse comes from this village (pity my camera skills aren’t very good)

Anyone able to see a single raison wins an image of an excellent
Macon Villages…in fact you all can !!!



Quick on the draw Inbar :rose::wine_glass:


They don’t call me Speedy Galinsky for nothing… :wink:


This definitely not a recommended drink from Vergisson…