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How many bottles do you have at home?


About 1500, but I am old and have been buying wine for more than 30 years and lucky enough to have a cellar with plenty of space so don’t need to store anything with TWS or others.


Around 100 - 150 without checking Cellartracker


500-600 in a racked wine room.
Mainly Rioja …Crianza, Reserva and gran Reserva.
We share a bottle every night.
Life is for living and the W.S. Offers truly super wines.
Trencherman & Wine Bibber.


For me it is all about letting the wine mature, which I do at home.

A large cellar does not necessarily mean high turnover. We (2 of us) probably get through 4 or so bottles per week, but maintain a cellar with around 350 bottles. It goes up and down a bit, but is stable over periods of a year or more.

As pointed out by others, it also maybe gives morechoice. But it is more restricted than you might think if you only consider wines “ready to drink”.


Around 200 at any given time probably…racks in the garage and a wine fridge…its great and helps keep storage costs down.


Your budget must be quite high. At some point you must have spent a lot of money. You might regard it as an investment . Do you insure your wine cellar?
I am only interested in drinking now . I am 73 ,will i still be alive in ten years?


Well most bottles are at the cheaper end, and a few are worth quite a bit more - it’s not necessary to spend huge amounts to find a decent age-worthy wine. Not really worth nicking, and if there is a fire I will have a lot more important things to worry about.


Maybe you should tell your insurance company . All those bottles might be a fire hazard.


I can’t bring myself to actually count them. Possibly 300. Peak wine will suffice.

What was once nominally the kitchen pantry, apart from the veg basket, has been turned over to wine. Temperature is obviously a concern ( it’s a fairly constant 18 degrees )but I’ve found that wine over time, big reds especially, store well without obvious deterioration for at least two years. It’s a dark cupboard so light isn’t an issue. Humidity neither, haven’t had a dried out cork yet.

It’s not ideal but when you live on the 2nd floor a cellar isn’t an option !


Added to the to do list this week, actually start to use cellar tracker properly , it’s at the point where I don’t know exactly what I’ve got anymore. Estimate of 300 ish on-site and 100 off site :see_no_evil:.


Regarding wine storage temperature and red wine, let’s me share with you an experience I had while living in Singapore

a friend of mine came across some fire sale of Moroccan wine (Château Roslane, premier cru, really good stuff).
The seller was storing cases in an Aircon warehouse without humidity control (so pretty dry air), but at a steady 21 degrees.

I bought one case to try (store in my wine chiller) and a month or two later came back to buy another case (stored again at home in my chiller)

My friend bought three cases on the spot, and stored them at home at room temperature (28+, high humidity, just outside his kitchen in his storage room)

My first case was fine, no obvious quality issues.
The second one was marred by oxidisation problems

My friend went to drink his cases over a year, without any storage induced quality issue. We are talking about wine stored at tropical temperatures and humidity

My takeaway: for reds with enough alcohol levels, humidity (ie avoiding the cork to shrink and let oxygen in/wine leak out) is the key

I personally have no concerns about room temp storage in the U.K., as long as humidity stays above 50-60%


It took me several years of “meaning to” load everything onto CT before I actually did it.

It’s been really useful from the get go. I bet it only takes you and hour to do, so my advice is to do it sooner rather than later.


You need to be also disciplined about tagging the bottles you drink from your stock!


Thanks for the reply and for your observations. Very interesting. I’ve no idea what the humidity level in my cupboard is but as I mentioned dried out corks have never been a problem so I guess there must be sufficient moisture in the air to prevent it happening.

I was more than a little worried during last summer’s heatwave when the temperature in there was around 24 degrees for more than month. However, bottles broached since have shown no signs of being cooked, phew.

Not an ideal way of testing the robustness of wine but all seems to have survived unscathed. I’ve tried the odd wine stored in the cupboard for a period against the same freshly delivered from TWS. My wine was fine but perhaps a bit more developed. As I’m impatient that’s not a problem.

As an aside, there’s a bottle of posh Alsace pinot gris ( 15.5% ABV, eek ) that’s been in there for about six years. I really should pull that one !


If you need that quality checked, happy to oblige :rofl:


I keep about thirty wine in the utility room for everyday and a further 200+ in a cool room, which act to replenish the utility and to age my singletons and mixed sales wines. The remainder are stored, mostly at Stevenage. I regularly find I have nothing I want to hand but that is part and parcel of this diverting hobby we share.


I’m at 600-650 at home.
So many wines, so little time.
130+ in the wine fridge along with racking for 444 (completely full) in the wine room plus cases on floor to stumble over when attempting to get to said racks.
Spirits - close to 100.
All on CT which I update religiously.
Yes i know. A bit obsessive. :see_no_evil:


I didn’t realise you can put spirits on cellar tracker ! I have quite the whisk(e)y collections :wink:.


Oh yeah! You sure can.
All of mine are on there. Another handy feature. I only ‘consume’ them when the last dram is poured and the bottle goes to the recycling.


Living the dream!