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How many bottles do you have at home?


Indeed! :grinning:


I tried using cellartracker for a while but ultimately didn’t get on with it and went back to my spreadsheet. For some of the stuff I wanted to record I just couldn’t figure out how to do it. I record all the usual stuff: name, region, appellation, vintage, drinking window, vendor notes, my tasting notes, bin, etc. Which can all pretty much be done on CT but I also record vintage rating, alternate drinking window (from various sources), where bought, order number (where appropriate), price paid, my rating, pro rating, and one or two other bits. I also move entries to different places in the spreadsheet: on order, EP, ready to drink, laid down, drunk. All of which makes it easier for me to use.

I guess I just didn’t find CT flexible enough for my needs.


You can do almost all of that (maybe all, not sure) in CT but I agree it takes a bit of effort to learn your way around and what’s the point if you have something that works for you? I opened my account years ago but only started using it last year because TWS reserves page didn’t do much and I wanted to keep track of that and the wines at home better. But I don’t have much need for anything beyond the basics right now.


Whilst I know I can do pretty much everything on ct, what I can’t seem to do is get all that info at a glance and organised visually the way I want it.

As you say, in the end I decided to stick with what works for me.


I usually have between 1250 to 1400 at home in my cellar which i think is about right. Good selection of Countries/producers.


With that level of alcohol you’re most welcome to help.


this is exactly the same as me…its a bit like my view on my vegetable garden…I love seeing the young shoots turn into a harvest !

Whilst 500 + bottles only a proportion are in drinking window at any one time


I currently use a spreadsheet but everyones good reviews on CT is making me think I will have a look…its just re-cataloguing 500 + is putting me off


If it helps, they do have a bulk import tool. You can even import tasting notes.


Also the lookup tool is remarkably accurate - often based on quite scant input information.


I found that putting about 400 bottles on from a spreadsheet wasn’t as painful as it sounds…just need to keep the discipline of updating.

On the thread topic I usually have between 200-300 at home. Bought a big wine storage cabinet and the pay back vs external storage isn’t bad. Stuff for relatively quick drinking or that doesn’t fit in immediately just lives in boxes beside it. Temperature fluctuations in garage in Scotland at this time of year are not an issue…


thanks - both you and @tom are making me look at it a bit closer given your feedback