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Huge bargain! Mori Ezerjo Kamocsay 2015 (2017 vintage now in stock!)



Oh my word… I seriously hope TWS is going back for the next vintage (and that they tell me first)


Do we need to start a ‘I just missed out on the wine’ support group/thread?


Was this your first taste? Good isn’t it? I think we need to start a petition to Freddy Bulmer


Yes, first taste. Agree with the petition… will also try and get a tasting at the cellars in when I am next in Hungary…


@szaki1974, now you’re just showing off :wink:


Any idea when we might see a return of this FABULOUS wine ? @Freddy???
I think @szaki1974 may be the only one who’s got any left :disappointed_relieved:


Rushed to the thread because I thought you were letting us know you’d found more on the website…!


If that makes you feel any better, I have none left.


Kind of does…:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Not quite… I confess to a secret stash (‘smug’ emoji)

Open to enticing swaps with anyone in Newcastle!



Funnily ENOUGH… I’m in NEWCASTLE :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: :rofl::rofl::rofl:!!


I’d like to be a Hungarian wine maker :+1::+1::blush::blush:!! Mr Kamocsay himself . Great shot !


Nooooo the wine!


I think it was just a desperate attempt to aerate it - either that or he didn’t really like it…


I read in the recent Decanter that Chateau Tour Castillon had immersed 600 bottles under the sea as an experiment in aging bottles this way. Perhaps that’s what Mr Kamocsay has in mind too?.. :wink:


Pretty extreme hyperdecant :smiley: unless of course he is actually jumping into wine :smiley:


It was already a trend in 2016 in Santorini… those wines are on my bucket list…

Except for the fact that he is jumping into a fresh water lake…


He might be hitting on a new trend there!.. :wink:


Veuve Cliquot have also done it.