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I love the Wine Society website, but


A day or so ago I was unable to log in at all as my security (McAfee) was telling me the site was insecure…and wouldn’t let me log on unless I physically bypassed it.

It seemed to be working ok again yesterday.


Laura mentioned that there was a problem with the SSL certificate yesterday. But fixed now.


That was the message that was coming up. I’ve had it before with sites that I trust less, but not WS.

Thanks for letting me know.


Happened to me on my work computer three times today. The links don’t seem to work properly either…
There must be something going on - maybe work on the site…? :woman_mechanic:


I’ve discussed this on another thread, I’m not sure if the powers that be actually are aware of it. @laura?


@laura Hi! Here’s an example of the kind of message a few of us are getting through trying to access the TWS website at work - I guess their web protection is more rigorous than the domestic kind?

Either way, we’re not able to access thewinesociety.com due to a certificate issue; perhaps you could pass this on to the team? Thanks!


That was what I was getting on my personal desktop on Monday. It’s ok now. Basically saying that a software certificate had expired.

That is what caused a major IT outage for someone quite big recently, can’t remember who, but it caused chaos. Looked like someone had written something which relied on software which the certificate had expired for…they may not be in a job now…


This was rather exciting, had this a few minutes ago:


Who has been trying to corrupt our morals then, and violate us? I assume that you have contacted the ‘owners’ then? :slight_smile:


I’ve just had this aswell @Herbster :flushed:


Maybe delete all browsing history and try again :wink: :wink:


partner IT savvy and blocking your access to the website to stop more purchases ?! :wink:


Just checked with the service desk at our end, there was a server migration and it seems that the security certificate was temporarily unavailable but has been rectified. I have a feeling that there might be a few repercussions as some browsers might be cached without the certificate which is why it looks like some are getting error messages etc.


Why don’t you try turning it off and then on again… :wink:


I think we did, then checked it was still plugged in :rofl:


Give them a good bash with a hammer; fixes most things in my experience…

[your choice between servers and engineers…]


I believe that is known as ‘Percussive maintenance’.


Worked for my wee TV in our conservatory when the DVD stopped working a week ago. One whack and it was going again…my retreat when Strictly/Celebrity/Alan Sugar/other cr@p is on the main one…


Ditto, it has been cropping up on various sites intermittently, but OK now…


Hi @Herbster

OK, I got that message this morning and immediately checked my wi-fi which said that thre was no internet connection.

As I thought, thats the reason for this message.

(I’d moved my notepad upstairs and it was too far from the downstairs wi-fi router)