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I love the Wine Society website, but


It would also be good to be able to sort your wishlist. Mine often has 50+ wines on it and it would be good to be able to sort by price, type etc


Wishlist mixed case offer? So you can customise your mixed case or a ws algorithm builds a ‘recommended’ mixed case for you based on past purchases and what you’ve put on your list.


This, absolutely this!

My wishlist usually hovers around the 100 mark and it would be so much easier if I could sort by price, grape variety, country of origin.

Also if you could filter Out of Stock/Unavailable wines so that I can quickly see that I’ve been too slow in ordering some wines but I can at least go and add the Recommended replacement wine to my wish list - it would save a Ctrl-F and searching for unavailable :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one @MattH


:grinning: Glad to hear I’m not the only one with an unmanageable large wish list! Out of stock filter also a great idea.


Has anyone used the Star Ratings yet? Any thoughts on this as an addition to the member written reviews?


@robert_mcintosh I think the problem with the star system is some people may score wines on overall quality and others on value at the price point. Perhaps an overall quality and a value for money score might be fairer, although this may over-complicate things. Some members are much harsher critics than others I have noticed!


I try to use it as often as I can as I find it a really handy way just to give a quick score for a wine. I think I can see it helping in the future as well as I can see what I scored the wine if I had previously drank it - although I tend to use the Vivino app more for my past reviews!


That is a very good point. I’ve generally been against 5 star (or 20 / 100, etc.) for that very reason myself. However, it can be handy to know more-or-less what impression someone has had of a wine, before reading the text ratings in more detail to get a proper impression of the specific wine (assuming they exist).

When you rate a wine, there is a helpful ‘tool tip’ guide to the star ratings that tries to bring together the issue of quality and value so that we can be a little more consistent with the meaning of a rating [you can read this here]. Have you seen it? What do you think of this explanation?[quote=“MetalheadWino, post:27, topic:339”]

I think I can see it helping in the future as well as I can see what I scored the wine if I had previously drank it

That is a very good point too - we under-appreciate the value of searching through our own reviews sometimes.

However, there can be value in aggregated scores, so hopefully we will see more people rate the wines and have these scores appear on the wine information pages in greater numbers


I would love to see which wines in my reserves are stored OWC… I love the chance to withdraw part cases, but would also hate to lose the wonderful wooden cases.


I just realised the thing that most annoys me about TWS’s website… You know how the little popup error message comes up when you try to add something to the basket without specifying the quantity? And then you have to go close the thing to be able to try again… I demand this is changed with immediate effect Please be kind and consider changing to adding one item if no quantity is specified.

UPDATED - I do apologise for the language


I’ll mention that internally


I would like to help the Society, the environment and also myself.
It would be terrific to opt out of certain printed paper offers.
For example have no interest in German or Alsace wines, the same might apply to Argentina or Eastern Europe. I might sound like a Philistine (guilty as charged) but in truth, been there, done that and moving on. By the same token I would love to be notified if wines that, for example I have bought before; either on the published list or en primeur become available to the membership. Like other members say, a weekly or monthly trawl through the entire list can be a waste of ones time.
I do think that the society might gain by allowing members to focus on their primary interests and maybe generate an increase in sales. If a member wishes notification of everything then that’s great, but along the way we might even save a few trees.
As an aside, this IS a terrific thread and I really enjoyed reading all the members views.


You are so right. I have no interest in the cheap wines, summer wines and wines without fuss (isn’t fuss the whole point?) mailings. But a white burgundy mailing has just arrived and I am trying to stop myself spending money I haven’t got. Seems odd to invite the Society to make us spend more, but…

So an opt out option would be great. But maybe just too expensive to implement?


A simple on line list of wine areas with on line or post opt in or out buttons.
Log in to website or email, choose out or if in post or email for each area.
Can’t be that difficult.
Said he who has never written one line of code in his entire life.


Member reviews… When I enjoy a reading a review, I’d love to be able to click on the members name and read the other reviews they have left.

Plus, another vote to be able to mark wines as favourites and be notified when new / different vintages arrive.

Also for stock levels - never sure if there are thousands left or just a handful. At the moment I’m wondering how long stocks of the white Corbieres, Château Ollieux-Romanis 2015 will last - totally delicious!


A very minor point, but it’s slightly irritating that if I’m looking at wines by region, no matter which region I’m looking at the tab on my browser says “Bordeaux - By Region”. I can have two tabs open looking at, for example, different regions in Italy, and both the tabs say Bordeaux.

I should probably add I’m using Google Chrome on Windows 10, and I don’t know whether this is an issue on other browsers.


Agreed. I contacted the WS about this some time ago but never received a reply.


I’ve been researching this internally since the post as I had noticed this myself. It is a known issue … but sadly, something that will take some time longer to fix. It is definitely on the list and as soon as we can roll out the fix, we will. Thanks for the feedback


Another minor point I’ve just noticed: Refining wines by vintage using the sliding scale on the left hand side of the page doesn’t really work. The right hand (most recent) end of the scale is 2017 - fair enough - but the scale goes all the way down to the year ‘0’. While I’d love to try a wine that’s two millennia old, I doubt The Society regularly stock many of them!

The other issue with this is that because of the huge scale the slider only moves in increments of 10 years or so, meaning that the next vintage you can select after 2017 is 2006.

This all should, I hope, be an easy fix - just a case of adjusting the oldest vintage on the scale from zero to the oldest vintage the society hold.


@BertieG23 I’ve just had look myself Bertie and I see what you mean but it looks like that is only the case if you are browsing quite broadly by Red Wine, White Wine etc. If you go by region or style of wine the vintage bar alters itself to reflect what’s available for that particular search for example selecting Bordeaux the vintage range is 1992-2016 and can be amended to narrow down on a yearly basis. Hope this may be of some use!