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I love the Wine Society website, but


The only problem I had with recycling ws boxes was before Christmas when the van was too full. He returned next time in my area just to get boxes.

The courier delivery can’t take boxes not surprisingly


Following on from @Richard’s post, it’s great to see the Member’s reviews section having been greatly expanded. Thanks TWS for listening!


Me - I’d like a notice whenever a reputable reviewer (e.g, Jancis) comes up with a rave review for a TWS wine. I’m always too late!


Good idea. :slight_smile: And for a short-term solution to that, I can recommend following The Wine Society on Twitter if you use it, as @Ewan is very quick to tweet about reviews as and when we get them! :smiley: Hopefully as The Community grows we’ll see people starting conversations about wines they’ve seen reviewed here too.


Why can’t I add my basket to an existing order? Or can I?


not that I know of - but if you have an existing order, then you could place this as a separate order and then ask Member Services to put them together, no?


Yes, that is what I do, I hate bothering them all the time though.


I am using the wish list more and more recently (testament to the great wines), but I find the fact that these are not categorised annoying. It would be nice if you could create your own categories and add wines into them…

PS - first post :sunglasses:


They need to be kept busy, otherwise they start running around bothering the rest of us who actually have work to do.


This is not about the website per se but just wanted to share a recent experience as a warning note.

Be careful about ordering (from) the last bottle(s) in stock when selecting later delivery (e.g. in a couple of months).

This is perfectly acceptable and suits me often - I can manage deliveries over time and make sure that I don’t miss out on wines with low stock levels.

However twice in the past 18 months I have received messages on delivery day from TWS to say that when they went to the warehouse to pick the stock, it wasn’t there…

Still not entirely clear to me how this can happen in this post-Amazon day and age, but I guess it will always be a risk.

TWS have been great about finding suitable replacements and also offering credits as goodwill gestures, but it is a shame and worth bearing in mind when making an order.


It seems I am not alone in finding Not Availability of a wine I try to order or re-order very frustrating. I agree the Society should be working harder to reduce this frequent irritation by warning in advance that stock levels are low or (if the wine is likely to reappear) when new stocks will arrive etc. I organised a Wine tasting recently at which I had to delete some WS wines because I couldn’t tell the audience when or if they might become available again.


My comment was more aimed at anyone ordering the last bottle(s) currently in stock - namely a suggestion to have them delivered sooner rather than later since that reduces the risk that they might not actually be available.


Thanks for the tip. Not an experienced Twitterer/Tweeter but will have a look.


Apologies if these have been called out before, but two things on member reviews, but two points here:

  1. When you are looking at listings and click on ‘Reviews’, why does it default to the ‘More Information’ tab on the actual listing page, rather than the reviews tab?
  2. In the member reviews, in some cases I’ve seen the ‘most helpful’ ranking was promoting reviews where users have clicked on the ‘no’ in the ‘Did you find this helpful’ box… unfortunately I can’t find an example now, so may have been fixed already?


A similar question about how the site is linked: when I am looking at my wishlist, I want to go directly to my own comments to myself about the wines, but the link here is also to ‘more information’.


Why is the regional note Cote de Beaune for this wine…

… last time I checked…


This has now been corrected - should show up on the next site refresh at around 11am :slight_smile:


Something that occured to me while browsing my reserves: it would be nice if the descriptions on the wines came with a date stamp.

just beginning its plateau of maturity

but when? Now? Or 9 years ago when I bought it?!

A ‘last updated’ would be very helpful here.


Btw is there a place, other than emailing members services, to make website suggestions? One thing I get increasingly frustrated with is the length of the cookie set for logging in - far too short, it’s such a pain logging in multiple times a day when you go off for a few minutes and come back to look at something on your account.


No, not really. You can share it here and it does get read. This is a security issue that we have to take seriously. Since you can now place orders on your account and pay by direct debit rather than credit card (with the check digits at the end), it might be possible for fraud to happen on an unsupervised computer, so it needs to be short to avoid this.

I will pass on the comment to IS but I think there is little chance of changing it, but I do understand your frustration.

Why not use something like LastPass? I love it!