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I love the Wine Society website, but


There are SO many suggestions I don’t think we can go through all of them like this, but we have been chatting internally about producing some statements about some of these that are at least under consideration or in the pipeline.

The issue isn’t so much about how good or useful the suggestions are (most ideas are good, of course), it is going to be about relative priorities and how feasible certain things might be in practice without huge investments, so the reply to each one could be rather long. However, I will see if we can get some sort of update out.

As for “managing expectations” I would just like to remind all those who are taking part that this site is intended as a member to member conversation space, and of course we (staff) love to take part and share information too, but if you have specific requests then these should be done through Member Services. This is not (currently) an “official feedback / ideas generation” platform. This conversation is fun, useful and allows members to take part and exchange ideas that others can support or disagree with, but we can’t promise that it is officially logged by The Society or that there will be a response.


Fair enough but WS staff have previously passed on and responded to suggestions, upthread.

Indeed @Justin said: ‘Big ol’ thumbs up to this thread! Thank you all for your suggestions and feedback, and keep them coming. We’ll do our best to respond to each one individually, but by all means continue to ‘like’ and comment on suggestions and issues raised by other members. The website is an ever-evolving service and the more member input we have, the better.’


Yup! Totally! @Justin and others regularly check on the thread and appreciate your thoughts. I just wanted to point out that this is more ‘informal’ feedback and discussion and not the same as if you had sent a formal request via official channels where there is some commitment to replying.

We went through a lot of these ideas recently and know that they are being examined - your support for specific ideas (many of which are being worked on in one way or another) helps to give some ideas greater priority or urgency. As you can imagine, developing and changing a bespoke retail site with thousands of products and for hundreds of thousands of members is an ever-evolving, hugely complex and delicately balanced task.



Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but this has now been fixed. Thank you TWS website persons!


No problem - will feed this back :slight_smile:


I’ve got an issue when searching My Wines where not everything comes up in a search, almost as if some orders are hidden. I used to be able to find them with a reset button that seems to have disappeared now. As an example, I couldn’t find the Tasmanian Riesling I bought some months back.

Anyone else have this problem?


This thread has been an interesting read and great to see some of the suggestions have been acted upon - great work TWS!

My comment would be about the Food and Wine matcher. It would be great if was a “show all” option as well as the current price brackets so i don’t have to keep reloading the page to see the whole lot


If you look at all products, on the left hand side with all the filters there is a filter option for complimenting foods:


Perhaps if you are looking for a certain match you could select a food and then sort by low to high :slight_smile:


Nice workaround - thanks!


Can i raise working on multiple selections for managing your wishlist and the constant reverting to page one and ‘10 showing’

If you want to edit your wishlist and delete more than thing it’s a right faff! You have to constantly navigate to page x and/show 20/50 wines every single edit…and it is a single edit as you can’t select multiple wines.


Totally agree. I raised the same issue some months ago.


i raised it in one of the first posts of this thread I think - Though I do appreciate there could be other more pressing issues on the web developer’s mind

Though I may add the wishlist is the heart and soul of the wine buyer :grin:


I can’t promise anything but I will see what I can do :slight_smile:


I noticed that when I scroll down a page using my mouse on the right hand margin, there is a “live Chat” button which you catch. Rather than scrolling down you get an unwanted pop up live chat page.

Very annoying, can’t the chat be somewhere else?


Which browser/device are you on? The livechat tab shouldn’t overlap or affect the scrolling part of the page.



Its in the same position on mine too.


Mine too, but it only expands if I click on it, rather than scrolling over it, so it’s not in the way at all.


The real shock here is that someone still uses browser scroll bars! :rofl:


Not going mad


Thanks for the screenshot - can you let me know what browser and screen resolution you are running and we can take a look :slight_smile: