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I love the Wine Society website, but


Debatable, but not in this instance … :wink:


Internet explorer


Bingo, I am seeing it now, will raise this:



I think someone might want to have a quick look at the ‘Press Reviews’ page on the main site - the reviews aren’t quite fitting in their boxes properly this morning!


Oops! Thanks for flagging, @Bargainbob! Will let them know now. :slight_smile:



get your wish list to default to 50 instead of 10?
every time I change it, it defaults back to 10 as soon as anything is added/deleted.


Unfortunately not at the moment, by the looks of things. I’m going to switch this post over to the ‘I love the Society’s website but…’ topic as it’s another good idea and I know the tech guys keep an eye on it.


Does it to me as well. Annoying.


Gosh if you could do that it would be amazing. First world problems but it would make my life better


In support of Matt’s first point:-

Varied descriptive member reviews of wines are really useful to me.

I wonder if getting more positive feedback when we write them might encourage us to do more?

Staying on the review page would make it easier to vote multiple reviews as helpful.


What could the TWS website improve to help you choose the wine you really want?
Buying a wine online is not simple, that’s why we need …

  1. Pics of back labels: The back label from the bottle holds precious informations about the wine. I’d like to have that on the site to help me choose

  2. Improved user feedback: There’s not many user feedback atm. Could TWS find a way to rewards users for a well written review?

Edit My post has been moved to this thread by a member of staff. Nice thread, lots of very valid suggestions. TWS can do so much to improve and ultimately increase sales!


Apologies if this has been raised before on this quite lengthy thread…

Mixed cases held in Member Reserves don’t have a ‘look through’ link on each individual wine in them. This would mean having to then find each wine separately (assuming it’s still online) and then reading it. Even the PDF tasting notes aren’t any help as they just give the short and not very helpful generic ‘blurb’ on the mixed case itself.

Specifically, I was trying to check the notes on drinking windows to see which were the more forward wines in the Bordeaux 2015 Dry Whites case.

I recall a similar issue with an Alsace whites case some time ago. Surely not too difficult to make it more user friendly by just having click through links?


Every so often the subject of member reviews, or lack thereof, comes up. It seems to me this is always going to be a problem given that many of us (I think) buy wine and don’t drink it for some time, so that by the time we do, the wine, or at least the vintage, is no longer on sale. Not much motive then to write a review.

This morning I wondered if the tastings could offer an opportunity to collect feedback which could be put on the website. For instance a “comments” pad for each wine at the tasting. Obviously not all visitors will want to comment on all wines, but if even a few do it’s better than nothing, and with the numbers attending the tastings I hope there would be a decent number of comments. Perhaps published under a “tasting comments” section.

As the tasting wines are presumably very much on sale, speedy posting of comments could be very helpful. Well, that’s my thought on the subject for this morning!


The relatively short time that one remains logged in, before having to log in again could be better,
For example, if one is the sole user of say a laptop then the log in time might be “infinite” with only an occasional check. If one was ordering a delivery or removing from reserves then a new log in would be appropriate. For those on public, community or multi user devices, then the current system should be retained.
Just a Sunday morning idea, what do members think?
Could we do it better?:crossed_fingers:


I have to say I find it pretty irritating as well, particularly when I want intermittent access to my wish list. It would help if activity on the forum kept you logged in but as it is a completely different system I do appreciate that that isn’t really possible.


I suspect that the need to log in regularly is a precaution to prevent misuse of the ordering by some third party. Bear in mind that the society may hold much of your credit card/ account info. And even if you haven’t done that, somebody could still theoretically gain access to an order not yet delivered in order to divert it etc.


I think most systems which hold important or confidential info (such as on-line banking systems for example) will log out after a certain period of non-activity, and as @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis mentions, TWS site is no different. So yes, it’s a bit boring to have to log-in regularly, but preferable to the alternative.


Ugh, it could be done so much better.


Every time I want to check information about the Stevenage showroom, it takes at least 2 attempts to find it. Why hide it under ‘wine plans and services’, rather than under ‘about us’ or even (if it is not too obvious) ‘buy wine’?