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I wish The Society stocked



I still have 3 halves of the Hatzidakis 1997, it’s glorious stuff!


Wasn’t this mentioned in an AMA? The responder alluded to problems he didn’t wish to expand on

For me, more wine from the Cadiz region and more sherry. A blog like http://jerez-xeres-sherry.blogspot.com/ shows how much we miss.


Wachau Riesling!


  1. Mid range Etna for example the Terre Nere single vineyard wines

  2. Priorat/Montsant

  3. Would add a vote for Crete - the high altitude stuff

  4. Kefalonian Robola

  5. US West coast Syrah, particularly Piedresassi


Assyrtiko can truly be glorious, I do agree that I would like to see more.


A simple list, from a simple person. I have to say though, that often TWS hit a strong balance of great wines. Not forgetting the wine they have in store, that is not on their website.

Specific Choice: Literally anything from Bodegas López de Heredia Viña Tondonia

Varietal Choice: Aged Bordeaux white wines (circa 10 years) excluding Sauternes

Regional Choice: More from Gigondas


Yes to this an this, more white Bordeaux blends from elsewhere too.


More Condrieu! Andre Perret :slight_smile:

Some more US Syrah would be excellent as would SAF Pinotage


I’ll pipe up with a few from my backyard:

  1. Samuel’s Gorge in McLaren Vale - a truly excellent producer concentrating on the Rhone and Rioja varietals - would give most a run for their money and at half the cost.

  2. Hentley Farm in the Barossa - probably the best and most consistent producer of recent times (IMHO)

  3. Any of the producer’s that come out of Artisans of Barossa - all excellent, exciting and innovative.
    A great line up including John Duval Wines (former winemaker of Penfolds Grange fame), Schwarz Wine Co, Spinifix, Sons of Eden & Hobbs.

Could mention more but will leave it there for the time being.

I’m not buying much Aussie wine these days as the above and equivalents aren’t offered much in the UK. Once they become more readily available I would urge those interested to take the plunge.


My favourite Lewes wine shop sells a few examples from John Duval - it is apparently their favourite wine producer in the shop! They recommended I try his Plexus (both red and white) - so reading your recommendation, I think I shall take the (financial!) plunge… :wink:


I’ve had a few John Duval years ago and they were good.

Would be good to see more of the Yalumba and d’Arenberg range. Tim Smith?


Yes!! And more specifically White Tondonia and Gravonia.

More Gigondas certainly and reds from Beaumes-de-Venise


Couldn’t agree more @tooby2, £4£ the Gravonia is exceptionally great value :+1:


Also some wines from Tenerife as I really enjoyed the few I tried recently.


I opened a Grangeneuve Beaumes de Venise 2013 the other day and drank it with friends. We all enjoyed it. I have more bottles which I will keep a few more years. Recently bought some 2017 which I haven’t tried yet. But these were both in the bin end sales. I don’t know why but I assume it just doesn’t get enough demand.

In fact the 2017 is still available in the bin ends and to me seems very good value.


Some excellent suggestions above!

I’d add some more 12 x 1 bottle mixed cases as often people buy a mixed case for the reason of variety rather than 2 each of 6 bottles. I’d also say up the price per bottle to the £10-£15 range.

The typical buyer would be someone wanting high quality everyday drinking wine who wants to avoid cherrypicking their own selection. A lot of the time the lower prices cases are not that adventurous or interesting and I tend to make up my own mixed case.

That and more mid-priced sangiovese like this…


As with all suggestions there has to be the demand, I seem to remember a few years back a big push for Sardinian wines, several got very good critics reviews especially those from Cannonau grapes and there were others including Carignano and Vermintino for the whites, but it all seemed to fizzle out so the demand could not have been there, though there was no denying the quality.
There has been the same with eastern European countries that are forever the next big thing and decades later still no real movement.


I think BdV reds get overlooked being next door to Gigondas @Andy999.


Just had a look to see how pricey they were.
In terms of QPR I think they’re about spot on.
You won’t disappointed in terms of £20-30 fine wine.
Can obviously age also. I’ve drunk all my Plexus now but still have 1 bottle of Entity 2010 and 1 Eligo '09.


Yes - Symposium sell the red Plexus for £27.50 and the white for about £22. The Entity (2014) is £30 and the Eligo (2014) is £66… so for me, at least - this makes it a special occasion wine. Having said that - I trust from what you say (and the enthusiasm of the staff in the shop) that it will deliver, so worth a punt, for sure.
Have you got a favourite?