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I wish The Society stocked



Bernard Baudry. The entire range of Red, White and Rosé.

Cabernet Franc, particularly from the Loire is fantastic and great value, and Bernard and Matthieu Baudry are making some fine examples in Chinon. Lea and Sandeman used to stock some of the Baudry wines but the cupboard seems to be bare at the moment. Not sure if that is permanent but either way TWS would be on a winner to stock these beauties.


The red Plexus offers so much in pure drinking pleasure. It’s an SGM so has a bit more weight and spice / black pepper than the Grenache dominant blends you get from Aus.
Loads of old vine fruit with lots of concentration.
In no means is this his ‘entry’ level wine. John doesn’t do ‘entry’ level!
White is great too. Lots of texture without being fat and oily.

Entity is fantastic also for not too much more money and I would highly recommend.

Both these reds are best with 5-10 years on the clock and a good decant.

Eligo - the price is steep so only for a real treat - personally that is too much ££ when I can buy d’Arenberg Dead Arm, Jim Barry McRae Wood, Yalumba Signature or Peter Lehmann Stonewell etc for much cheaper.
But once upon a time I used to purchase (mates rates! :wink:)


Please. More than one valtellina superior, fantastic nebbiolo. Instead of dozens of Chianti etc. Why are the usual suspects overrepresented, when Italy has such a diverse variety of excellent lesser known d.o.c. wines?


And of course: single cask, unfiltered, not watered down, not caramelized, single malt whisky. You get approx 300 bottles a cask, surely TWS could buy and bottle a few own label, instead of taking the lazy choice and selling branded malts?


I fully agree with your suggestion @lapin_rouge . They seem to embody the Society’s ethos of great quality wine, a more artisan product and at an affordable price. They’re not cheap but at their price point they are amazing wines. If we ever get a vote on this I’ll support the Valtellina Party!



Plenty available


Where did you find those?


Yes but not on TWS though?


Correct Mike. :+1:


My reflection on what I’ve tasted from Sardinia is that while much of it is excellent quality, the reds are basically S Rhone/SW France/Catalonian varieties, usually unblended, and just aren’t that much different or better at the same price point from established regions to be a really distinctive proposition for the UK market. That said there are a couple of Cannonaus I would drink over many similarly priced French wines given the choice.


Vernaccia di Oristano is pretty interesting and Argiolas Turriga is usually lovely.


Roero Arneis and Franciacorta!


A few more higher quality South African’s; Sadie Family, Le Riche, Rust en Vrede


Roero Arneis, that is not an easy one Anne, it almost became extinct in the 60s and was kept alive by largely one man Currado ?, I drank a fair few Arneis wines as we had a place for many years south of the Barolo region, but to be honest only a couple even managed to be ‘typical’ of the grape, there should in this very aromatic wine a slight hint of almond, yet only one bottle ever showed that trait.
There has been a revival and a lot more wineries are making Arneis, but to be honest hardly any are inspiring and the the two most touted Giacosa and Cerreto were among the poorest example I had, trading in my opinion very much on their name.
It is not an easy grape to grow well which does not help and no doubt it will be mastered but in the meantime you will not see many for sale, Waitrose do one by Malvira that is as good as any on offer but that is about it.


Good question some smaller Mosel producers that are not available in the UK.
Cant see them buying a wine other UK merchants already have in stock.
Surely we want new producers to try and learn about not ones we like who we can buy online from the UK ?


I’m afraid I’d tend to disagree there. TWS is not just about obscure wines; I hardly ever buy my wine from anywhere other than TWS so I would be pretty upset if TWS didn’t do wines that others do online in the UK. For example that would mean not doing Vieux Telegraphe which would just seem wrong (even though it’s a bit pricy for me!) or maybe no Guigal. In fact there are lots of well known wines that TWS stock and I for one would be very upset if they stopped and it would simply drive me away. (Or I may have completely misunderstood your post, of course! :blush:)

I actually think TWS do a very good job of balancing supplying popular wines with more unusual wines. And I’m generally very happy with their range. The sort of thing you and some others are suggesting speaks to me more of a wine dealer specialising in specific vertical wine markets which I don’t think is, or should be, the goal of TWS.


I buy wine direct from the producer, other UK merchants and the WS. Why would i want the WS to stock a wine I already buy ? seems silly to me ?


I’ve had some excellent ones in the last couple of years in Piedmont restaurants but I guess most of the production stays in the area. Brought back a really good one from Cordero de Montezemolo. Unfortunately my nearest Waitrose is 40 miles away!


It’s all about balance and your appraisal is correct, you cannot please all of the people all of the time.
There are plenty of specialists out there that fill the needs of those looking for more obscure wines, it is what they do in the same way TWS does their job well, yes you can nit pick in one or two areas but overall no they do a very good job, to cater for all they would need to double their warehouse space to fill with slow moving wines, not a good business model.


But not everyone will be following your model of buying and it would be unfair to expect them to. Many, like myself, don’t buy enough for it to be worth buying from many different sources like you do.