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If you like Mourvedre


Spotted this Cairanne last night, now I have to find a stockist in the badlands north of Stevenage ! Hope it’s not too difficult coz HO is in Stockport.

Boutinot Cairanne sans summat or other 2017

90% Mourvèdre , 10% Grenache

Made following natural principles with an atypical blend 90% Mourvèdre and 10% Grenache sourced from Domaine Boutinot’s cru Cairanne vineyards. After fermentation only with natural yeast the vat was topped up with Grenache to completely immerse the cap for 10 days, resulting in a very gentle maceration, making the tannins softer and longer. After racking we pressed the skins and pumped the wine back into the same vat for the malolactic fermentation. Following a short maturation the wine is bottled at Domaine Boutinot in Cairanne

Unfortunately the image is so big for the system too handle, I I’ve no idea how to reduce it…


Sans Artifices by any chance? If so I’d be careful about storage for too long - it’s a zero-added sulphur wine. May be delicious straight away of course - I’ve never tried it.


Sans Artifices it was !!! Thanks for the tip @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis…I’m waiting for a list of stockists from Stockport !!!


Noel Young Wines appears to be the only UK stockist at the mo.


cheers @Ewan will have a look at that site.


Another member A little bird told me that Some new Tempier wines seem to have appeared on the website. Potentially an upcoming offer…



…and now out in the Fine Wine List…



Too expensive for me these days. sadly… Pity TWS doesn’t import from the less famous producers who also produce lovely. long-ageing wine at much better prices.

For an ageable Spanish one, I thoroughly recommend Casa Castillo’s Las Gravas cuvée.


I have just bought two bottles of this from L&W (I know it is silly to buy wine lying abroad from them now)… but a generally well rated wine on Cellartracker… only slightly cheaper than Tempier.

2016 Bandol Rouge, Domaine du Gros’ Noré


There are several Bandols which have become more expensive than the rest (which are not exactly cheap anyway). Tempier is the most famous outside France. There are various styles, so you pays your money etc.

Waitrose Cellar offers La Bastide Blanche at £14.79, though it’s not one I have tried. Generally, standards are high in Bandol - the big pressure is to turn the grapes into a Provence Rosé.

Most producers do a “Longue Garde” cuvée as well as the main line. Usually maxing out on mourvedre content, these ones can take 20-30 years to come round. These may be the same as the ones @suiko is referring to.


Yep, you got it! I have much enjoyed Gros Noré. Lafran-Veyrolles and Vivonne, among others. Had one or two of the Waitrose wine from when they had a decent range and used to have it in (normal) stores, but at 12 years old or so they’re still kinda tough.


5 bottles of this in stock now. Anyone tried before?


I do like mourvedre but not, I’m afraid, at £60 a bottle. Too steep for me!


Yes, the price is a bit toppy, but Gauby’s wines are in some demand, and to be fair, that’s the sort of price you have to pay for a top Bandol such as Tempier’s Cabassaou.

There are some extremely interesting Mourvedres from the southern Languedoc/ northern Roussillon area, especially nearer the Med. Usually produced in v. small amounts and hard to find, but they are there.


Treloar’s Motus is a good example. Not too tricky to find in the UK either.


Jumilla Las Gravas, Casa Castillo

Deep and soulful (and eminently ageable) real mourvedre at less than half the price of the Cabassaou and Gauby :wink:


Not sure if it has been mentioned above but El Seque is a wonderful Monastrell/Mourvèdre. TWS used to list it and their second wine Laderas but haven’t seen them for a while.