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International Rugby Union


And off we go again.
Wales v Scotland in Cardiff
England v South Africa at Twickers
Ireland v Italy in Chicago

For the rugby fan, so much to enjoy.
Maybe a pint of Brains in Cardiff or perchance, a wee dram?
Ruddles at Twickers or a glass of Vergelegen?
Guinness or Chianti in Chicago?

A terrific taster for next Spring’s 6N.

Let battle :open_mouth: commence!!:wink:

English Premiership Rugby

What I wouldn’t give!

Off to a children’s party this afternoon, so I’m gonna watch the Wales v Scotland on the iPlayer this evening, which should be fine - it just means not looking at any texts, or this thread, until much later…!


Not unknown for me to insulate myself from a sporting result.

The best that I ever managed was almost a fortnight after a Superbowl, I was offshore!!

I arrived home to KFC and some decent Crozes, and I watched it front to back.:grinning:


England vs SA and the remainder of last nights claret is my afternoon plan…

Happy days :wine_glass:


Adnams Mosaic for me with some black pudding sweeties


TV fan of International RU…I’ve been to Twickers three times since the rejig of the seating, and I’m not a big fan. Clear enough view but in the rear 10 rows it’s like watching Lego men.
Also the stairs to the seats are scarily steep especially to an old fart who hasn’t the best of balance.
So unless my old school pal, ex RFU President Bob Reeves invites me to more sedentary seating, I’ll stick to TV.
RAR has planted a few rows of Chardonnay on the steep terracing of the Avon Gorge, I hope to get some to sample when his “vigneroning” comes fruition.


You mean England B vs South Africa B…

Nonetheless really looking forward to the series. On the sofa with a cuppa this afternoon. Found myself in the supermarket beer aisle earlier and resisted as we’re off to the pub before dinner and I feel the need to show myself a modicum of self restraint!


Well - my wife’s prediction was SA dominating but I suggested a close game. At half time I think we can both claim to be right!


I’m riveted to my Match!
England may have to prevail without my support!!:wink::grinning:


Has to be Guinness while watching rugby… followed by wine… to celebrate the Green Army winning…


Let’s all agree to cheer on England, then we can all be friends :wink:

Incredible match at Twickenham. Just catching up on Wales vs Scotland now


An odd one tonight with:

Cardiff Blues (2nd’s) v Uruguay

Live on BBC2 Wales

Not quite a mainstream international, but a bit of fun nonetheless!!:grinning:


Well les Rosbifs put up some heroic defence with bone shuddering tackling and immense place kicking by Daley and Farrell.
After watching the replay of the replay of the replay, I finally thought Farrell’s tackle was just ok 2-1. And it was rather pleasing to see a Bok clattered, as they would clatter…
This thought came into my mind…an opposition player 6’5" 18st 5lbs receives the ball and heads straight at you wanting contact, even if that is trampling straight over you…you haven’t time twist your ankle and fall over, so the best angle you are likely to get to make a stop tackle is half front half flank.
Even from that angle you have to avoid at least one pumping thigh and knee. You might tackle him round the waist, more likely round his 54" chest .
Avoiding a head hunting is going to be hard but necessary. Just how are you going to get your arms round the beast.
A second evasion came to mind, let him run past you and tackle him from behind risking the heel of his boot rearranging your pearlies . Owen Farrell is a hard as nails average sized player…if you watch the replay Farrell jumps up as he launches his tackle, maybe to give himself a better chance of stopping the Bok legally.
Overall I agreed with AG, an oz ref giving one to us, what is rugby coming to!!!
I was genuinely surprised some of the SA players appealed for a penalty…but those who live by the sword !!!


And this weekend:

Scotland v Fiji BBC 1
England v NZ Sky
Wales v Aussies BBC 2

3 good matches


Are Ireland playing Argentina this week as well or have I got my dates mixed up?

The England and Wales games are a “must watch”!


Another great sporting weekend. I have a couple of Rhone valley bottles lined up to accompany the rugby…

I have the Pallieres 2016 coming in the EP deliveries next spring, so will be interested to see how this vintage compares.

What do you think the odds are on a Northern Hemisphere clean sweep?


We’re in the same boat on both counts - do let us know how the 2014 is going as still feels like it could be a bit young?

Somewhere between zero and a bit less?! :wink:

FWIW I struggle a little with the idea of wine and rugby - beer all the way here!


We’re out all day till well into the evening. Thank you, iPlayer…!


I am an enormous fan of Gigondas.
2015/16 L’Argnee, Tourelles, Racines, Sarrasine, & Hominis Fides. Enough to fill the proverbial lake!!

No chance, I think my lot have little chance, I do not fancy England to beat NZ, Scotland just might come 2nd but Ireland will probably prevail.

Ireland do play Argentina on Saturday but cannot track down the broadcaster!


Bizarrely I think it’s Channel 4?