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International Rugby Union


While Italian rugby has undoubtedly struggled in recent years, neither Italian team is bottom of their respective Pro 14 league at the moment!


I’m not too worried about the result - I’m just worried about how many of our players end up crocked because of Tonga’s ‘enthusiasm’…!


I still remember the commentator who said something along the lines of “It’s a good job Wales weren’t playing the whole of Samoa!” :rofl::rofl:


I’m not sure if I mentioned a discussion I had with my dentist a short while back, he is a rugby fanatic an ex player and a South African, his take on the way world rugby is going was not good, apart from the political interference that has largely wrecked his own countries team, hence the Japan win !
He thought the current trend of “buying” players with citizenship had gone way to far and should be stopped otherwise it becomes club rugby with the cheque book not nationality dictating who plays where.
There was a lot more but I believe somewhere I relayed this before, there was also a scathing attack on the joke the scrum has become with the ball being put in to your own team, no more from the ref, “that wasn’t straight take it again” making the scrum an irrelevance, he knows an awful lot more than most and it was an interesting discussion.


No. of players on 2018 6 Nations or Rugby Championship duty who qualified by residency, rather than birth, parentage or grandparentage:

Australia - 13 (4 Fiji, 4 NZ, 2 Tonga, 1 SA. 1 Zimbabwe, 1 PNG)

England - 4 (2 NZ, 1 Fiji, 1 Scotland)
Italy - 4 (2 NZ, 1 SA, 1 Ireland)
Scotland - 4 (3 SA, 1 NL)
Wales - 4 (2 England, 1 NZ, 1 Tonga)

France - 3 (1 Fiji, 1 Cameroon, 1 Guinea-Bissau)
Ireland - 3 (2 SA, 1 NZ)
New Zealand - 3 (2 Tonga, 1 Fiji)

South Africa - 1 (Zimbabwe)

Argentina - 0


Rules have changed - from 2020 residency will be 5 years, rather than 3 years, to stop so called ‘project players’ to be brought in to fill a potential gap (e.g. CJ Stander for Ireland, WP Nel for Scotland). Still not long enough in my book. Should be 10 years.


My view is that you should only be able to pick players via birth, parentage or grandparentage. I am Scottish and think it would definitely weaken Scotland, but that’s a price worth paying.

Why countries like England and France need to pick players who qualify by residency is beyond me. This would indicate that the school/youth set up is faulty, either that or the desire to win trumps everything.


This is not just a rugby ‘problem’ athletics for example, is even worse, you have the gulf countries now fielding teams of athletes where before they had hardly any, of mainly Africans, can’t blame them for taking the money, but yet again it brings the term ‘national’ team into doubt.


Ha - bleedin’ - Ha!
I was ridiculed for years after that loss.:cry:


I think I just won some money on a sixfold accumulator based on your predictions…


Delighted for you!:grinning:
Just shows that us “Taffys” know a soupcon about our National game!!:wink:

After the rugby yesterday, it has been a terrific weekend so far.
Huge commiserations to the Scots, that one was on a knife edge.
But for @szaki1974 it would appear was delighted with the result in the pecuniary sense.
Sometimes one’s head must rule over one’s heart!!


Credit to you Taffy-on-tour called them all correct. Thought Scotland let themselves down in the second half, although the pure power and technique of the SA players at the breakdown was great to watch.



Before anyone gets too jealous, I played a lucky 63 at £0.1 per line, so will still need to get back to work tomorrow. On the other hand, I am happy to be infinitely less obsessed by gambling than wine.


Not sure that will cost you less money though? :wink:


At least I will have something to show for the money…


Scotland made some wrong choices at bad times. Trying to run it out their own 22 just after scoring their first try was not clever…winger got stationary ball and didn’t have much chance of getting out of there…we did lose some vital turnover ball though and SA played very close to the wire in loose play. Some referees would have penalised them more.


By the way, gambling obsession is no laughing matter. It is one of the most serious ailments of today. I hope that all who suffer can get help and for that matter ask for help. We (I definitely am) are here to listen!




I think we need to get on to a “serious” rugby discussion and discuss Newbridge v Pontypool on December 22. Proper rugby.


I think that this should be a thread for all subjects rugby related including a bit of fun!!:grinning:
Possibly you’ve lost your way.
We do have a thread

I will be there for the Boxing Day fixture:

Aberafan v Neath

For which I have fond memories attending very many times observing the antics of Billy Mainwaring, his verbose Mum, pints of the sadly defunct Vale of Neath bitter and Faggots and Peas in Neath market. Great moments in Sport!! :wink: