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International Rugby Union


How about a bit of fun for " Champion Predictor of the Week?"

Win, Lose or Draw?

Italy v All Blacks
Scotland v Pumas
England v Wallabies
Wales v Springboks
Ireland v USA
France v Fiji

We could take this on to the 6N and even the World Cup in Japan.
Who is prepared to abandon “Heart” over “Head?” LOL!!! :wink:


All home wins

except Italy


Including Italy??:open_mouth: lol!


While I agree with @cerberus’s predictions, I’ll predict all home wins except NZ and SA for the sake of being different. (I do think Wales will win though)


Straight forward wins for NZ, Scotland, Ireland and France. For the other two, and as much as it pains me to say it, I think the wallabies and springboks might just edge out England and Wales respectively.

The fact the games between the best teams in the northern and Southern Hemispheres are so close bodes really well for the World Cup next year.


My shot at predictions for the weekend:

Italy v All Blacks A rout by NZ
Scotland v Argentina A Scotland win
England v Wallabies An English win
Wales v Springboks Wales, but SA on a roll - so a toss up!!:open_mouth:
Ireland v USA Ireland to win well
France v Fiji A French win

Not confident about my selections at HQ and the Principality.
The terrific part is that the Northern Hemisphere has closed the gap with the Southern, bodes really well for next years World Cup. :grinning:
The 6N’s will be really competitive.:wink:
The 1st weeks game (02/02/2019) of Ireland v England at the Aviva looks quite mouth watering!!:open_mouth::wink: I don’t think that a bag of Gold Dust will secure a decent ticket!


If anyone has a spare ticket I’ll happily swap it for a case of Yellowtail Shiraz…!


Too rich for me!?!:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::wink:
There will be blood and snot spilled over the Irish Field, nay bog that day, with no prisoners taken!
Should be a great watch for those standing astride the fence, like wot I am!:wink:


All Blacks
Scotland [But don’t like this stand off at centre malarkey]
England [Illness in Australia camp?]
Wales [Scotland softened them up last week :laughing:



You wish!!:grinning::wink:


I will be SCREAMING at the television!!


May the (second) best team win!


If you were going for stand-off at centre, I’d have Hastings as the centre and keep Russell at 10.


Not sure if No.10’s work at centre.
Needs a different mindset and under pressure instinct may take over.
Happily my lot have 3 outside halves to choose from with nary a sheet of bronco separating them!:grinning:


Farrell does a very decent job at 10 or 12, although I prefer to look of England with him at 10 and two ‘specialist’ centres


Just finished seeing Lewis Hamilton win his 11th Pole out of 21 this season.
He truly is a legend!!

And onto Scotland v Argentina.
I think if Scotland have any realistic aspirations for next year, they should have to put the likes of Argentina to the sword. And a dreech Edinburgh afternoon to contend with. Was it ever thus? lol :wink:


Scotland game is dire. Drink required.


Scraped through, not a good game to watch bust I suppose a win is a win. The 10 at 12 experiment failed in my view.

There was some other good news for Scotland today when they won the mens European Curling Championships.


From an uninvolved party, Andy Nicol’s assessment of 7/10 of Scotland’s Autumn campaign is unrealistic. For me, the doorbell rang and a grocery order was delivered. Normally, I would rush back to watch, this time not so much!!:open_mouth: I popped into the lounge occasionally to note the score from my increasingly disenchanted GF who I swear at one point was searching for the Samaritans phone number, me I happily resumed my Saturday chores.:wink:
Win. lose or draw against the Wallabies, our match cannot be that bad. If it is, I will ask the WRU to save us a planefull of tickets to Japan and donate the proceeds to Children In Need. :grinning:


A good, hard scrap in Cardiff.
Worth watching.:smile::wink: