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International Rugby Union


You would have got everything right again if it was not for Fiji…


So confident was I of the French result that I did not even other checking, your post alerted me that “The OTHER :open_mouth: French team attended” yesterday. The odds of Fiji winning must have been impressive!! This is what I love about sport, you cannot take any result for granted. :sob:
Ah well, back to the drawing board, C’est la vie!!


Excellent win for Wales yesterday, helped no doubt by the softening up the week before. No need for any thanks. :laughing:


Ha - bleedin’ - Ha!?!:wink:


Great autumn performances from Wales.

Not only avoided those single score losses to the Southern Hemisphere teams but also produced an excellent display against the lower tier team where we traditionally play like a bunch of misfits.

I can’t look as far as the RWC as too excited about the 6N. England and Ireland at home. We’re going to heed a bigger stadium!


I think that the Cardiff City Council might not be too happy if it was suggested that we demolished the Principality Stadium and built over the Cardiff Blues ground.
There again a bigger stadium could be located out by the airport, then they would have to build a tidy road and decent rail links to get to it,
The downside would be that there are not many pubs out there and Cowbridge might end up making a fortune from car parking fees!! :open_mouth:
Only joshing!!:open_mouth::wink:


Very Barbarianesque match, good balance of grist, gore and great running.


Just got back from a shopping trip, unfortunately bumped into the final score but watching it anyway. One thing that really irks me is the huge amount of unsold seats in the upper tiers. Why cannot the Home Nations when they know that they will have thousands of empty seats release them to schools who could organise bus trips from near and far, It would be memorable for the girls and boys and assist in the development of the game. £2 a ticket might cover expenses such as admin and stewarding, let no one tell me that there is not enough money in the game to do this. Me and my mates used to watch the BaBa’s Easter Tour games, the combined Neath/Aberafan match was a good one, also the Cardiff game where once at half time Cardiff were up about 30-nil and it finished up with the BaBa’s winning with around 45pts. A good, tasty, pasty, a few pints of Brains Dark and a good time had by all!!


I pure loves a pint of daaaak.


Prefer the Brains faggots


I don’t see why we cannot have both!!