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Is a Lafite worth the money?


If ever there was a moment that caused life to appear in slow motion!


Oooooh dear! Spinach is a hard vegetable to match with wine - the metallic note can really unbalance wines, particularly tannic ones. Egg can also create issues for wines and if anything you might want a white to have the acidity to cut though it.

Is she ‘set’ on the spinach tower?


as long as she’s not sat on the spinach tower


An interesting article on fine wine pricing popped up on my twitter feed this morning:


Fascinating! thanks for posting, @Bargainbob!
I have little understanding of economic principles, but I totally get the law of diminishing returns, and how it might relate to fine wine purchasing. I am yet to understand how a bottle of, say, £300 wine might qualitatively differ from a £100 bottle of wine of the same style and variety. What does the extra £200 represent in terms of added value? Can one even quantify pleasure at that price point?
Interesting stuff, for sure! :thinking:


I agree with all that - though I suspect the £100 mark will vary from person to person.

There’s a further point as well, I think. At the top end, you are into luxury goods territory, where a further pressure comes into play. Which is to say that some wines behave as Veblen Goods, where a higher price makes something more desirable rather than less.


I did not want to start a new topic and thought this old topic might be worth reviving. I have just come across a new South African wine that prompted me…

Seems steep, but critical acclaim, longevity and limited number of bottles mean this maiden vintage might have potential. Interesting mantra suggested by the DB… If you don’t ask, you don’t get.


There is a lot of ‘don’t ask don’t get’ marketing from the new world where the rationale seems to be that many people’s metric for quality is price. I am very impressed with their directors reserve at less than 1/8th of that price and don’t really understand how I would enjoy this wine eight times more


Great to read back through this thread - this caused a cringe


Simple answer - no!

It’s a truism, but like all truisms annoyingly true, that there is no such thing as great wine, only great bottles.

As such you have a high chance of disappointment, which is greatly enhanced by the weight of expectation!

I’ve had many great bottles in my life, almost all at tastings here at the Uni or through the generosity of other wine geeks. A few of them have been stunning. Far more have been rather disappointing. Logical, given the above.


Great to see this ressurected!

I think a lot of us would bulk at paying so much for any one bottle…but what about a Society Elite fine wine tasting, similar to the summer/winter ones run in the past couple of years.

£100* a ticket, but you get 20* of the best

(*arbitary price & number of bottles, but you get the idea)


That’s not far off the Bordeaux vertical masterclass I attended at Stevenage a couple of months back. All the bottles were well outside my budget and all were lovely. The fee was £95 and we tasted 3 years from each of 4 different Chateaux. That was pretty much the only way I am likely to be trying wines of that sort of price.


Just saw this…

…puts the Telos firmly in the shade. (that’s about £300)


Dear Bargainbob - great question.
The price of these wines is not a reflection of just quality but also supply and demand. Is a £1000 bottle of wine 100x better than a £10 bottle - No.
I have had Haut Brion, Margaux, d’Yquem, Chave (Hermitage), Dujac (Clos de la Roche), Coche-Dury, Grange, Montrachet. I never paid big bucks for any of them.The only one that I thought "Blimey this is something special’ was the Coche-Dury Meursault.


Thanks to spending far far too much money in places with Enomatic machines (which is a whole other problem), I’ve tried a fair few silly priced wines in shot sized measures.

Have I enjoyed the experience? Yes. There’s been some real WOW moments ('99 Y’quem and 03 Mouton Rothschild being the most memorable). Do I think the bottles of wine are worth the prices? Not a chance. Especially not all of them ('01 Margaux particularly, it’s the only time my 30€ shot of wine didn’t bring me joy).

I don’t think I could ever bring myself to spend that much money on a bottle of wine anyway. I’d get far more enjoyment from a (preferably mixed) case of something(s) that cost £50 than a single bottle at £600.


Yes, the enomatic thing is fun isn’t it. I have to say, I have enjoyed Penfolds 707, Haut Brion and Clos St Hune, which I wouldn’t have been able to afford even a full glass of.

Was also encouraging that as a result of doing this I discovered that Cathiard Malconsorts isn’t my sort of thing!


I love them machines across the price range both in bars and wine shops. I find them almost impossible to resist. They were vital (specifically the Vagabond chain in London) when I was revising for WSET level 3, and I’ve had some real delights from the Berry Brothers one. MAX Bordeaux (in Bordeaux) is the one thats done the most damage with regard to very fine wine “accidents”.