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Issues regarding English Fizz


A shame that the original poster has not returned to this thread with a response.


I’d retitle this thread ‘gripes with champers’! I’ve tried several English fizzes and all of them were exceptional and at that price point fab value

  • nyetimber standard, premier and BdB cuvee
  • hambledon standard and premier cuvee
  • leventhorpe pink fizz (processed by chapeldown)

I never once thought any less of ESW for that price and i have tasted it side by side with champagnes which tasted like water after a delicious punch of Hambledon!!

With the economics and manufacturing of champagne you would have thought it’d be cheaper if you ignored the branding and market positioning aspect.

Here’s to more blind tastings with the UK vs. France showing up champagne!! Surely @Freddy is destined as host for ‘The judgement of Bognor’! :joy:



Hopefully it’ll be “merde Bognor!” after ESW scoops first prize! :wink:


I thought they had replied to one of my posts… but nothing when I looked after your comment :thinking: