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It's beginning to look a lot like ... Christmas press tasting!



Please add my name to the draw, thank you.


what a fantastic opportunity - I would love to be considered.

Have studied with the WSET and undertaken some great visits (mainly in France)



You were spoilt, being at the summer tasting, as they were all there - spring and autumn versions have two to four of them, depending on trips away, etc. But we’re all very happy to answer any questions people have.


So the draw has been made here at Château St-Evenage and the winners are …

@SPmember and @Bargainbob

I’ll be sending you both (and @Alchemist) details nearer the time, including how to get there and what we’ll be tasting, but in the meantime you can sit back and anticipate what is to come.


Thank you: we have great predecessors to live up to.


Look forward to meeting you both @SPmember and @Bargainbob :+1:


Congratulations @SPmember and @Bargainbob. Not jealous one bit! Not even a TINY bit !


Congratulations, all! :smile: You’re going to LOVE it…
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and recommendations in due course…:clinking_glasses:


Fantastic! Thanks @Ewan - I’m really excited to get the chance to go and very much looking forward to meeting @SPmember and @Alchemist as well. Can’t wait!


Enjoying a cup of coffee on my way up to London this morning.

Costa Rican beans, slightly nutty but smooth.
Definitely some sugar, probably brown.
The milk is clearly pasteurised and has that fresh taste that you only get with a young milk. I’m going with 2018 semi-skimmed.

I’m ready!


Had to run for the train so no coffee for me :frowning_face: but at least I worked up a thirst! :smile:


Haha Brilliant! You’re on form and ready to “TASTE” ! Have a great day :clinking_glasses:


See you there, @Bargainbob! I’m on my way :smile:


Had hoped to join the fun (but forgot to ask/beg for an invitation) and stuff is rather busy here in any case - have loads of fun. I look forward to the tasting notes


Pretentious? Toi? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Have a fantastic day, @Bargainbob @Alchemist and @SPmember! You’ll love it, I’m sure. And what a wonderfully sunny day you got too! :sun_with_face::maple_leaf:
Looking forward to your impressions and to hearing about your favourites! :grinning:


What a fantastic experience that was. Many thanks again to @Ewan for the invite! Great to meet @laura and @Freddy as well as @SPmember and @Alchemist of course.

72 wines tasted, possibly about 30 acceptable tasting notes written and several lovely press folk met.

More details to follow but I can happily confirm that there are some pretty fantastic Southern French whites coming our way in the near future… :drooling_face:


Oooh! Can’t wait to hear more details! Great that it all went well! It’s definitely a unique experience… Lovely photo too! :+1::grin:
Is that Jancis standing behind @Alchemist, by the way??
Looking forward to your notes (no pressure!!) :wink:


LOVE the photo!! :smiley: What a joy to meet you all - and from the looks of how thoroughly you tasted through the wines we’ll be in for an absolute treat when it comes to your notes. :smiley:


If that’s not Jancis then I’m a Russian tourist looking for high church spires :rofl::+1: