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It's beginning to look a lot like ... Christmas press tasting!



A very good shout - this was one of the biggest wow-factor wines from the tasting, for me! :heart_eyes: And I’m not even a pinot noir fan - it was just utterly delicious!

I also recently got the chance to retry this:

And it was just as impressive as it was at the tasting.

The white Hermitage is on my Christmas wish list… :wink:


Good to hear @laura ! I am very much a Pinot Noir novice, so when it was so highly praised by attendees at the tasting, and even Jancis Robinson singled it out on Twitter for its quality and value for money, I took note and ordered 6 bottles when it arrived on the list yday.

I also ordered a couple of the Cinsault you mentioned too, again based on Community comments.

I find the feedback and recommendations on the Community so so useful. I don’t know much about Rhone wines either, but based on @Taffy-on-Tour 's enthusiasm and recommendations have also got some of those too.

There are so many bottles on the list, I whittle options down based on what others praise. I’ve had some wonderful wines since I joined back in January!


You are very kind.
In my “defence,” all that I try to do is flag up bottles/producers who I have found worthy of note and if I was at the beginning of my path once again, I would have taken the recommendation on board.
I wonder sometimes if members are truly aware of what a treasure trove TWS provides for us. And not just the En Primeur but also bottles of perfectly stored delights from their “dark and dusty” dungeons!!:wink:


Still kind of you, and others, to share so generously your top tips, and much appreciated. I bought a number of the Exhibition Crozes Hermitage '15 which you rate highly. I had one recently, it was super!

There is a treasure trove of years and years of accumulated knowledge within the Community, as well as the treasure trove of wines themselves and it’s a tricky job making selections as TWS wines are only on the list if they are good enough in the first place, so to find the special ones is a task (but a fun one which I enjoy) made easier and achievable by you and many others, so please keep the recommendations coming!!


This is what I’m coming to realise as a member of TWS. Had I known this before I’m sure I’d have joined a lot longer ago!

I too appreciate the advice of yourself @Taffy-on-Tour and many other knowledgeable Community members. I’d miss so many opportunities if kind hearted souls didn’t think to share them. I’d rather have too much choice and pass on some than miss something from not seeing it


Whilst I am officially not buying any wine at the moment, a second exception made this month for TWS Exhibition Rioja GR 2001 which is now on the website (the first was for the reduced 2009 Ardanza, I am a traditional rioja lush…)

Unfortunately it appears the 2004 904 Gran Reserva from this tasting has not made an appearance and the 2009 is available instead at £44. Perhaps TWS letting the 2004 sleep a little longer!


If I remember correctly a number of the new wines had a release date of the 5th Nov, so might be worth checking again in a few days time.


Yes, it was listed as 5 Nov.


That probably means new offers go live on Monday… exciting…


A very belated thanks to @SPmember, @Bargainbob and @Alchemist for astonishing devotion to duty . Ostoros, Vignelaure, Arneis and Spatburgunder added to Christmas basket. And Exhibition GR tucked to reserves.


Hope you like them. I have most of these to collect next week, as well. And a few more from the tasting are trickling out today.


Just an update: I think most (all?) of the wines that weren’t yet in stock at the time of the tasting are now on the website (at least, I have now found all my choices, and bought too many).


Snaffled a couple of halves of the 1998 Suduiraut.
Just checked Vinous and it scored 91+.
And with our valued attendees tasting notes, a no-brainer!:wink:


I think the 2004 La Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva has yet to appear. I’ve been watching out for it and if it did appear it went very quickly.


Sorry: the Suduiraut only appeared this afternoon, and that was the last one that I was waiting for.


I’m only now just catching up on this (and part of me wishes I hadn’t … wishlist now over bulging)

Stellar effort @SPmember @Bargainbob @Alchemist
Not only in output but also quality of descriptions.


Thar she blows!!


Perhaps, there are many variants of this wine.

Seems a lot to pay for, to chew a plank!!:open_mouth::wink:
…now where’s my coat!! Ha, ha!!

Maybe not!


That’s the 890, out of my price range sadly. It’s the somewhat cheaper 904 I was/am hoping for that was in the tasting.


One day, you never know!:wink:


Had this a few years ago for Christmas (not this vintage obvs) and I wasn’t all that impressed, but it may have been too young. I think I’d rather have 2 bottles of the Arana :smiley: