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It's just a fantasy (football league)


Sadly I’m heading the other way!


I’ve stalled a little near the top, but feels like a creditable turn-around :slight_smile:


Ugh! Two bad weeks in a row and lost the Knockout Cup in the first round :frowning:

How sad


I’m 43rd out of 90 - that’s what I call mid-table mediocrity! And I lost in the cup too, if it’s any consolation …

Still, 9th in Benevolent League & 6th in staff league. Small mercies.


Gone from just about last to 57. If I keep pushing I might make the first page by season end :joy:


So, who is this Daniel Kerry, and how does he have 100 points more than me?

Jumped from 16 to 12 this week, but doesn’t look like I will be challenging for the prize, unfortunately


Hope is the only thing that keeps us going, and ‘arry’ of course.


Thoroughly annoyed that the app failed TWICE to record me making Salah Captain this week - so that’s 29 points lost :frowning:

was on a roll, too!


The mobile website works fine, I’ve taken the app off my phone.

I’m quite chuffed to have clawed my way onto [the bottom of] the first page of legue results, from near enough last place after the first few weeks of the season!


You’re just 9 points ahead of me, that’s my goal now in the next 2 gameweeks, to catch you!


Ha ha, muy progress had really slowed since Agüero got injured. Let’s see!!


I’m climbing, but you’re climbing faster :slight_smile:


Good week (so far)


SO … how was it for you?

How many of those who took part in the competition this year are actually members here?

Of those I know, I think @dm27 was the highest placed (congratulations!!), then there’s @martin_brown (impressive, sir!), @KSLaczko (yes, you beat me!!), @Bargainbob, @clint_oxford, @Paul_Trelford, @MetalheadWino, @danchaq, @hugofount, @Ewan, @a11an5garcia and @Justin

Did I miss anyone?

Congratulations to all those who took part throughout the season!


Moved from near last place into mid table so not great but at least a little result


Thanks Robert.
Speaking from The Magnificent 7th position, I note that on the Twitter thing you have duly declared me to be Burnley.
Lucky I am not from Blackburn.



I finished 29th which is a must do better next year


My work here is done :slight_smile:

Until next season :wink:


Next season has arrived and the deadline is tomorrow!

I’ve been auto-added … is TWS sponsoring/supporting this year again?